Discourse On Amalanadhipiran – Day 14



Day-14 Pasuram-7 (contd….)  by Dr. S. Lakshmi Kumar Tatachariyar (Pudukkottai Vasudavan)

On April20th Ubha.Ve. Dr. Lakshmi Kumara Tatachariar continued with his upanyasam of the 7th pasuram of Tiruppanazhwar’s Amalanadipiraan.Akaram,ukaram. makaram ,nama: shabdham have been dealt with in the first 5 pasurams. The 6th pasuram dealt with Narayana shabdham where Narayana is taken as Bahubrihisamasam and establishes the Paratvam of Perumal.There is a chathurthi vibhakthi ‘aaya’ which means for Him alone. Kainkaryam should be done to Narayana at all times.He is endowed with all kalyanagunams and has a great divyamangala swaroopam. His Hands hold the Sudarshana and Panchajanyam which are like Chatram and chamaram for Him (neccessary accompaniments) During Varahavatharam Sudarshana came as ‘Kora grass’, and as Balarama’s plough.The Shanku represents ‘shabdhabrahmam’. Divyayudhams are like ornaments for devotees and weapons for non-devotees. He is always with panchayudhams to protect Gajendra and his likes. The resounding Panchajanyam send shivers in the spines of the Kauravas and the sound of Victory for the pandavas. The Beautiful white conch removes agnanam(ignorance).When Perumal touched Dhruva’s cheek with His shanku the child burst into verses of praises. The shanku is shaped like the pranavam and has three lines ,is cool like the moon and the sound is delightful for the devotees as it announces the arrival of Perumal. Sudarshana has the brightness of a hundred suns . Sudarshana chakram is indicative of His Paratvam and Panchajanya of His Saulabhyam. Shanku indicates mantram and chakram gives the mind to  concentrate on mantra japam.

Ranganatha lies down like a mountain of emerald with lotus Eyes, lotus Hands, Lotus Navel and Lotus Feet. A mountain is bluish-green and has a mukutam (peak) and is described as ghatakaanchitham (interspersed with valleys) and is unnatham (huge). Likewise Perumal’s Tirumeni is of a bluish-green hue, He wears a mukutum (crown) ,is ghatakanchitham( wears bangles which make a clanging sound.) His Tirumeni is covered with Tulasi garlands and its smell combines with the perfume of sandal paste. His tresses emit a sweet fragrance which is further enhanced by Godhadevi’s garlands. Tiruppanazhwar adresses Ranganatha as ’em aiyanar'(My Swami’) .Periya Perumal is ‘kaarana brahmam'(The Cause)  and Namperumal is karya brahmam.Periya Perumal  shows us how He was during mahapralayam .One Hand points to His Kireetam (crown) indicating that He is Rangaraja . Namperumal’s weapons are ‘vyaktham'(explicit). He is Swami of all lokams. Mudi also means crown and this crown is above His Tirumukhamandalam(Face).The three shikamanis on His crown proclaim His sarvaswamithvam’. His Thirumukham is akin to to Chandra (moon) and all the ratnas sparkle like stars. His crown smells of the flowers He wears around His rolled up tresses and there are flowers around His tuft also. Parama vyoma is Ksheerabdhi but He has made SriRangavimanam His resting place .He is happier on the island of Srirangam than in Srivaikuntam because everyone can worship Him here.

‘Aravin anaimisai meya mayanar ‘ means He is reclining on Seshan who serves Him in all possible ways. Seshi is lying down on Seshan Tiruppanazhwar wonders if the ratnam(Gem) spat out by Ananthan is Ranganathan? His red Lips are called ‘Bimboshtam’ because they are coral coloured and resemble the Bimba fruit and He sports a mandhahasam (sweet smile) which captivates Tiruppanazhwar and make him shout ‘aiyyo’! because he is unable to enjoy Perumal’s Beauty completely.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan


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