Chenchi Koothapakkam Desikachariar Sampradaya Talks And Vedic Chants – Part 2


Koothappakkam Swami


When we go to meet swami the third time we ask him about the photos hung in the room. We first see a photo of Yashoda and Krishna which seems to be a recent acquisition as it is in colour. The other photos are in black and white. Swami introduced us to the photos and a story of the past unfolded itself. There was a photo of Athi Varadan. He is the Moola Perumal of Hasthigiri( Kanchi Varadan) and comes out  of the temple tank once in 40 years .He last emerged out of the tank in 1979 and 2019 is when we can have His darshan again. Perumal is known as Athiyuran as He is sculpted from the bark of  the fig-tree. Then we see photos of a young lady, a middle-aged and an old lady. We are informed that the photo is that of swami’s devigal (wife) before marriage,in middle age and later on. Then swami introduced us to the photo of his sister. There was a family photo of swami with devigal and sons and daughter-in-law. Incidentally swami has three sons ,the eldest works in National college, the second in TVS group and the youngest works for “The Hindu”. Swami resides with his youngest son and family. Listen to swami’s achidra parayanam.


After introducing us  to his family through the photos hanging on the wall. swami talks about  the photos of his gurus and acharyas. Swami did kalakshepam at the feet of Ayya Devanatha Thathachariar belonging to the illustrous Navalpakkam lineage and studied vykaranam under him. Then we see photos of other swamis some with their devigals. Swami was flanked by a photo of his acharya and his devigal and went on to explain that the photos were taken separately and brought together as swami did not agree to be photographed with his devigal. As swami spoke of the golden days and the age gone by he seemed to have grown younger as was evident by his enthusiasm.Listen to swami’s chanting …………

Writeup & Video :  Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan


  1. The series on baghavadothamal are really inspiring and greatly appreciated for this initiative. Wish the team all the best and do these kind of journalism/reporting frequently.

    • Swami’s feedback is appreciated. We cannot do justice to swami’s atma gunams. Because of old age the voice is faltering but the enthusiasm and sincerity more than makes up for this.Their lives are truly inspiring.

  2. My Sanskrit Sir… Remembering the good memories of learning Desikar Slokas from him in Uthra Vedi Desikar madam near Thayar Sannidhi…….. Thank you sir……….

  3. Dasan

    Vyjayanthi ma’am thank you so much for posting these videos and write ups.
    It is an amazing feeling reading and listening to Swami. Can’t thank you enough for this.
    I have request. Is it oossible to upload these videos on to Youtube. This way I coukd add to a playlist and go back to watch it again and again.


    • It wont be difficult. But the entire 6 parts are to be re-loaded in Youtube, which is a bit time consuming. Instead these videos in Anudinam are in vimeo. You can download them from there also.

      thank you


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