Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 42


Thirumangai  Azhwar in kudhira vahanam

Pasuram-21 and 22 

22/2/2015  saw the continuation of pasuram 21 and start of pasuram-22 at Tirukudanthai Andavan Manimandapam by Ubha. Ve Madhavachariar swami.Parakala nayaki’s bhakthi towards Perumal  turns to love and longing for Him but when realization of His divinity dawns on her she folds her palms in supplication (Anjali).A prappanan who seeks for moksham at the end of his life should not even ask for Srirangavasam in the next janma simply because he will have no more births. If Kulasekharazhwar has asked the boon to be born as something in Tirumalai there is a reason. Azhwars are nityasuris who are sent to earth for a purpose as per the sankalpam of Sarveshwaran clarifies Sri Uttamur swami. Archanubhavam was like mokshanubhavam for azhwars. Parakalanayaki’s mother stops giving upadesam (advice) to her daughter as she is not ready to listen to her, At this juncture Parakalanayaki’s friend comes on the scene and asks her to share her anubhavam (divine experiences) of  Perumal.

Parakala nayaki says ‘oh friend! listen to me. His arms are lotus -like, His Feet are lotuses how can I describe Him!’ Without hiding anything she relates her experience of Perumal just as an acharyan reveals everything he knows to his student. Parakala nayaki identifies herself with Seetha and tells “They came as a twosome and stood before me” Rama stood in the front and Lakshmana stood behind Him. When Rama was leaving or vanavasam Lakshmana did saranagathi for doing kainkaryam . He did not come to help Rama fight the rakshasas. Rama’s dhanush alone was enough for this.  He has beautiful tresses and His makarakundalam kept swinging to and fro my friend said Parakala nayaki.Bhattar explains this in the following way:Perumal wants to attract the attention of Parakala nayaki.When He sees someone dear to Him ,His Tirumukhamandalam shows happiness.He sings inorder to attract her and at that time the makara kundalam sways to and fro.Perumal attracts us with the Beauty of His gait. We get transfixed by His beautiful ornaments. According to Nanjeeyar He shows  His Beauty from the front and the Beauty of His Back and makes Parakala nayaki get immersed in Him. When Perumal comes close to her Parakala nayaki should have embraced Him but she realizes His godliness and feels scared to get close to Him. How can anyone fear the One who destroys Fear? He is Bhayakrith Bhayanashana. When Srirangam was under attack by Muslims many were the mahans who went through so many travails to preserve the divyamangalamurthis and granthams. Archavigraham should be treated with love and  the care accorded to a small child. Perumal enters into every archamurthi worshipped and dwells there.Talking about fear there is an incident in Srimadh Ramayana when Dasaratha questions Sumantara who has returned after leaving Rama, Lakshmana and Seetha in the forest- How are they? Is Seetha scared by the wild animals in the forest? Sumantra answers that the three are happy together and Seetha has no fear of wild animals because of Rama’s presence. She looks at elephants, tigers and lions with amazement. Parakala nayaki who looks upon Perumal as her nayakan understands His divinity and folds her palms in anjali. But because He is All-powerful we need not stay far away, He is paramasulabhan (approachable)  and we can go close to Him. This is true of acharyas too. Parakala nayaki feared Him because she saw Him as God. In Ramavatharam Rama was an ekapathnivrathan and was always in Seetha smaranam so He could never be Parakalanayaki’s Nayakan.

Swami then went on to the 22nd pasuram.

Perumal sang to attract Parakalanayaki’s attention. Like the call of Krishna’s flute which made the gopis run to Him leaving all mundane chores, Parakala nayaki gets transfixed. She thinks that the song is meant for Seetha but the words and phrases make her realize that the song is for her. Parakala nayaki’s eyes rested on Him and He occupied her thoughts.She should have hugged Him but realisation of His godliness made her fall at His Feet. This very act gave her the satisfaction of an embrace. When we take ashrayam of Padhukas all our lowliness vanish and we get elevated. Parakalnayaki’s joy is such that she swells up breaking her bangles and her  waist band falls off. Parakala  nayaki spies His makara kundalams (alligator shaped earrings)and His chathurbhujams (four arms) His Tirumukhamandalam,His Beautiful chest and she understands that His residence is Tiruvali Tirunagari. He reveals Himself to the one who loves Him. We have the right to embrace Him and can treat Him as our nayakan or as Perumal.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan


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