Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 41


Tirunedunthandakam- Pasuram-21

22/2/2015 Pasuram-21 was taken up by Ubha. Ve. Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami at Tirukudanthai Andavan Manimandapam Srirangam. This pasuram concerns SriRamavatharam and Parakala nayaki gets immersed in Ramanubhavam and attains the state of Seetha Piratti. Rama and Seetha when separated, experience viraha taapam(pangs of separation). Seetha is always thinking about Rama and Rama’s thoughts are with Seetha. This is not to be mistaken for the virahataapam of human dampathis. Their feeling of sorrow is for the reason of ” Bhaktha-rakshanam” Rama feels sad that purushakarabhuthai Seetha is far away . Even when She is alone She tries to reform Ravana. At Asokavanam She tells him that even if She has the power to reduce him to ashes She would prefer that he befriends Rama and be redeemed. As Jaganmatha (universal Mother) She tells her child Ravana that She will speak on his behalf and Rama would forgive all his aparadhams (transgressions). But Her hitopadesam (good advice) falls on deaf ears.

When Rama came to Mithila He was accompanied by Lakshmana. The two equalled one another in Beauty and valour. Vishvamitra who brought them to Mithila stopped by several ashrams on the way and talked about the glory of the rishis residing there. It was Vishvamitra who asked Rama to have a look at the bow. “Vatsa Rama dhanur pashya” he said making it clear to Seetha as to who was seeking Her. Parakala nayaki remembers this and talks of the duo. Parakala nayaki dances and sings His glories, she talks about His infinite names and His divyadesams. Her asking the route to Srirangam has a significance- it makes Periya Perumal take us on the Archirradhi margam (route to Srivaikuntam) Archanubhavam does not reach satiety, the craving for darshan again and again is ever present. Parakalanayaki’s “thozhi”(female friend) wants to pacify her friend so she asks her about her experiences with Perumal. She is continuously thinking about Him. She thinks of His handsomeness, His Eternal Youth and unending Kalyanagunams. He doesn’t come alone . He is always accompanied by Pirrati.

The first 10 pasurams of Tirunedunthandakam ,He is experienced as Perumal. Bhakthi then takes the form of sringaram and Tirumangaiazhwar becomes Parakala nayaki. He attracts with His alankaram, from the front. One keeps admiring Him from the front. The pin(back) alankaram is even more beautiful Aradhakas have the privilege to touch His Tirumeni. Parakala nayaki calls out to her friend and says” listen to my anubhavam of Perumal”. His hair is as black as mai (“collyrium). It is long and thick and earned Him the name “Kesava”. His makara kundalams(alligator shaped dangling earrings) swing to and fro emitting luminousity. Our attention is arrested at the spot we fix our eyes.While enjoying NamPerumal at close quarters we enjoy His jewellery, dress etc. Tirumangaiazhwar says that Rama came accompanied by His dhanush (bow Kodandam) . Just as The Kodandam is Rama’s constant companion , the Tridandam is the constant companion of a sanyasi. Then what was the role of Lakshmana in accompanying Rama to Mithila. Lakshmana came for Rama kainkaryam and wanted to unite Rama and Seetha. Parakala nayaki tells her friend that His hands were like lotuses, His Eyes were lotuses, His lips were like lotus and His Tiruvadi ( Holy Feet) were lotus-like. Parakala nayaki tells her friend “Seeing Him thus I realized His divinity. I understood that He was sakshath Paramatma. ” . But there is no need to fear Him and stay away from Him because He is “sarvasulabhan” One can approach Him with “anjali-hastham”.” He is Utthama Purushan.” Kausalya gave Birth to Him for our sake. Teach children that He is The Greatest, He is The Supreme. Once this gets embedded in their thoughts they will come back to Him even if they happen to go astray.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan


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