Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 40


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20/2/2015 UbhaVe. Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar resumed Tirunedunthandakam upanyasam  at Tirukudanthai Andavan Manimandapam after 13 days break due to unavoidable reasons. Swami   began the discourse by saying that our papams come in the way as obstructions for Bhaghavathanubhavam  or Bhaghavadh darsanam that is why such breaks happen.  Since we have opted for prappathi at the end of our life we have to undergo our prarabhda karmas. In Tirunedunthandakam  Tirumangaiazhwar  reveals his experiences of divyadesams and archanubhavam after discussing the basics of Vishistadvaithaphilosophy.Some opine that Tirunedunthandakam was created as the last prabhandham but Swami Desikan’s view is that it was not the final creation. Of the thirty pasurams in Tirunedunthandakam the first 10 pasurams talk about the supremacy of Sriman Narayana who alone can take a soul to moksham. The next 10 pasurams are the outpourings of Parakala nayaki’s mother  who worries about her daughter’s behaviour. She is inwardly happy that she has given birth to a divine daughter who lives for, talks about and sings the praises of Perumal always.

‘What tapas did I perform to have given birth to such a daughter?” This is satvika ahamkaram which is permitted. When we say “My acharya” it is not egotistic. It is a justified pride. If dharma could assume a form then it is represented by Rama. Rama destroyed Ravana’s aishwaryam. What is aishwaryam? When Anjaneya saw Ravana sitting on his throne and his power and wealth he remarked” Aho veeryam, aho dhairyam” Ravana’s splendour and power were mindboggling. Only one act (sinful act) brought about his fall otherwise he had the qualities to rule over all the gods. He had a good chariot, charioteer and all the advanced weapons for warfare, an efficient army and everything money could buy. His expertise in warfare was such that he could pentetrate any vyuham (formation) . Rama destroyed his chariot, charioteer and deprived him of all weapons but spared his life. He was hoping that he would apologize for his faults but when he doesn’t show remorse Rama kills him. Actually Ravana’s end started the very day Hanuman set foot on Lanka ,got tied by Brahmastram, had his tail set on fire and spread the fire in Lanka.

As Krishna He defeated the thousand shouldered Banasura by chopping off the shoulders. Shiva, Subramanya and their huge armies came to help Banasuran but they together failed to defeat Krishna. He revealed that He is the swami of the universe who had taken several avatharams before taking Krishnavatharam.As Varaha   He swallowed His creation and created again . As Trivikrama He measured the three worlds. Parakala nayaki’s mother says “ My daughter talks only about Him and His dwelling places (divyadesams) She has no devathanthra sambandam. She understands that Vishnu alone is worthy of worship. She knows that He is Siddhopayam and can be attained by doing Prappathi. It is surely my sukrutham (good fortune) that I have such a daughter .”

This can be explained in the guru-shishyan context. By chanting acharya thaniyan before reading a holy text or undertaking the study of scriptures deeply embedded spiritual truths become apparent. Acharya’s endow us with gnana-chakshus (divine sight) which help us understand spiritual truths. To the one who treats his acharya as God knowledge opens up. With the passage of time and re-study more and more meanings become apparent. When an acharya sees his shishyan surpassing him he wonders”what tapas did I do to get such a shisyan?”

The last 10 pasurams talk about Parakala nayaki’s divine experiences conveyed to her female friend. It talks about the joy of being with Perumal(samsargam) and the sorrow of being separated from Him(viraha taapam) .

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan


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