Sama Vedam Talks and Gaanam : Part 6 (Sri Suktham)


Sri Suktam sama veda chanting

On the 5th  of February 2015 we went to Swami’s tirumaaligai at Dasavatharan sannidhi. At the right side of the entrance is a well and as we make our way into the hall we notice white  veshtis drying on a clothes-line. The clothes line for madi vastram are close to the ceiling of the room and are spread out neatly and evenly. They are removed with a bamboo stick  after a bath.  If one happens to touch them by hand accidently before a bath they are to be   washed and dried again. When taken out and worn immediately they are as good as ironed clothes. Mami had lit the kuthu villaku and several Perumal-Thayar  photos were there on a table. Mukkur Srimadh’s divyamangala vigraham was placed in a vantage position revealing the bhakthi and gratitude of the family towards the Mukkur Mahan . The kuthu villaku was lit and offerings of pomegranate were kept ready. Mami stood behind swami and his sons as if to show that she is the driving force. Ubha. Ve Devanathan swami talked about the powers of .Sama gaanam. When done with correct swaram and respect to the akshara devatha without artha-dhristi (money-mindedness) wishing for the good of the universe it  will confer “shreyas” on the singers and on those who listen with attention. Even though we cannot understand the chants one who keeps silent and listens to the Vedas will benefit immensely by the spiritual vibrations. We water a plant at the roots and it grows into a tree, flowers and bears fruits. Similarly each swaram of samam is to be learnt correctly and dhwanis (sounds) should not be mixed. Uccha swarams (high) and neecha swarams (low) should be mastered. Continuous practise is a must. Co-ordination between fingers (count)  and swarams (notes) have to be kept. In short Hard-Work is the key to mastery. Listen to the guru and his shisyas sing Sri-Suktham in perfect synchronization and get the kataksham of Perumal and Piratti.

Sama Veda Salaskshana Vidwan Sri U.Ve Devanathachaar with family

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi  & Sundararajan


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