Sama Vedam Talks and Gaanam : Part 4


Devanathachaar Sama Vedam

Sama Veda salakshana vidvan Ubha. Ve Devanathan swami and his dharmapatni Srimathi Janakavalli have four children. First  two boys then a girl and the fourth a boy. Ubha Ve. Mukundan swami the eldest works for TVS in Hosur.  The second son is Ubha. Ve. Lakshminarasimhan swami. He is fully into vedhadhyayanam. He and his brothers have studied Sama Vedam from their father. Their father is therefore their guru too. Swami can be seen taking his parents on his two-wheeler  to have darshan of NamPerumal during utsavams . He washes his father’s veshtis everyday and they are sparkling white and could be advertised for detergent or fabric whiteners. Third is a daughter named Godha who is married into an orthodox family of good kulam. The youngest Ramprasad is into full adhayayanam and can be spotted in Dasavatharan sannidhi chanting samam . Listen to the chanting of Samam by swami and his sons Lakshminarasimhan swami and Ramprasad swami…


Writeup & Photography : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan……..


  1. Thank you so much for the Sama Ganam straight from the devine Dasavathara Sannidhi. We should be greatful for having such noble scholars. Our humble pranamams to all.


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