Thirucherai Sri Saranatha Perumal Temple Thai Brahmotsavam Day 1 to 4


Thirucherai Sri Saranatha Perumal Thai Brahmotsavam 2015On, 26 January, 2015,  Jaya varusha Thai Revathi, Brahmotsavam Commences in very grand manner at Sri Saranayaki sametha Sri Saranatha Perumal Temple, In the early morning  Dwajarohanam took place at Dwajasthamabam  and Day 1 utsavam took place with purappadu in Indira Vimanam and day 2 on Pallaku in Venugopalan Thirukolam Likeswise Perumal Purappadu for day 3 & 4 took place in grand manner. Lot of astikas took part in the Brahmotsava Purappadu and had the blessings of Sri Saranatha Perumal on Various Thirukolam.

These are the some photos taken in different days during the occasion ..

saranathar perumal_8 saranathar perumal_9 saranathar perumal_10 saranathar perumal_11

saranathar perumal_1 saranathar perumal_2 saranathar perumal_7saranathar perumal_3 saranathar perumal_4 saranathar perumal_6 saranathar perumal_5saranathar perumal_1 saranathar perumal_2 saranathar perumal_3 saranathar perumal_4 saranathar perumal_5 saranathar perumal_6 saranathar perumal_7

Courtesy: Sri Soundar raman


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