Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 30


Kanchi-Devarajaswami-Temple-Thirumangai-Azhwar-THirunakshatra-i-Utsavam-2014-56Tirunedunthandakam- Pasurams10 and 11

19/1 /2015 was day 30 of Ubha. Ve. Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami’s upanyasam at Tirukudanthai Andavan Mani Mandapam Srirangam.Continuing with the previous day’s Pasuram-10  of Tirumangai azhwar’s Tirunedunthandakam swami delved into inner meanings and swapadesharthams of the pasuram.

In Uttharakrithyadhikaram of Srimadh Rahasyatrayasaram swami Desikan says that we should have interest in archa like Bharathan had for Sri Rama Padhukas.The post-prappathi period should be spent in speaking, listening and experiencing Perumal’s Leelas. Azhwars “arthadwani ”(cry of helplessness) is not inherent in them but is an imitation of human feelings and longings for Perumal. In the 10th pasuram of Tirunedunthandakam the repitition of “yennannai yennannai” is for emphasizing Tirumangaiazhwar’s anguish and his condition on being away from Perumal.” O what is the limit of Your karuna ,he exclaims You come down from Srivaikuntam as vyuha, vibhava, antaryami and archa !. “ Yet we behave like an elephant in rut even after joining Him after prappathi. We commit endless aparadhams even after prappathi anushtanam. At the time of prappathi sankalpam can be done that we should not knowingly commit aparadhams (wrongs). Perumal will then remove those karmas which cause “buddhiporva papa karmas”(sins committed knowingly).There are plenty of pramanams  (proofs) for this in Bhaghavadh Ramanujacharya’s “gadhya trayam” and in swami Desikan’s “Srimadh Rahasyatrayasaram”.

Coming to Tirunendunthandakam swami explained that by taking Tiruvali Tirunagari the avatharasthalam of Tirumangaiazhwar as the base we can work out the divyadesams to the north,south,east and west . Tirumalai lies to the north of Tiruvali Tirunagari, to the south lies Tirumalirumcholai, to the west is Srirangam and to the east is Tirukannapuram. SriRanganatha is ancient Perumal and Tirukkanapuram Sourirajan is the youthful Perumal. But Ramanuja’s interpretation of youthful Perumal is Mannanar of Kattumannarkoil. Kattumannarkoil is the avathara sthalam of Nathamunigal and Alavandar. Abhimanasthalams like Mannargudi, Vaduvur and Tirunarayanapuram are as important as divyadesams . They have the mangalasasnams of acharyas. Mannanar’s soundaryam(Beauty) is captivating and His ninra-tirukolam Tirumeni is adhbhutham (amazing) In Sanchara Paddhathi of Padhuka sahasram swami Desikan asks for another 100 years in Srirangam to enjoy the royal gait of Nammperumal.

Swami  then took up the pasurams in which Parakala nayaki who is undergoing viraha taapam(the pangs of separation) and is like Parankusa nayaki. The mother of Parakala nayaki shares her concern for her daughter with her friend. These are known as Thayar pasurams( mother’s lament of her daughter’s condition)”sTirumangaiazhwar experiences the condition of Parankusa nayaki  in “kangulum, pagalum”. This daughter of mine suddenly dresses up in silks, she is agitated and refuses to lie on my lap, laments the mother. She keeps asking “ Where is Rangan?” The mother sees a kattuvicchi ( gypsy) pass by and calls her to examine her daughter’s condition. The gypsy looks at her and declares that Ranganatha is the cause of the girl’s condition and He alone is the cure. Perumal Theertham and Tulasi can cure. Archamurthis forgive sins like theft and gambling when saranam is sought and forgiveness is asked for. ”Aparadha sahatvam”( tolerating wrongs) is manifest when saranam is sought. Swami referred to that incident in Ashokavanam wherein Ravana talks to persuade Seetha and She advises him to make friends with Rama if he wishes to live. Swami narrated the incident of Ramanujacharya accepting Theertham-prasadam from a group of children who were pretend-playing an utsavam of NamPerumal. Children living in a divyadesam automatically play games related to Perumal and Perumal is as manifest in these divyamangalamurthis.

The mother in this pasuram says her daughter is possessed with the thoughts of “kadalvannan ”(one with the hue of the sea). Inorder to distract her the mother gives her a marappachi (wooden doll) and other favourite toys but she refuses to play with them and throws them away.The girl who is beautiful and timid like a deer , with long lustrous tresses, is clad in silk but Her Ranga doesn’t come so she is distraught, and with tear-filled eyes suffers uneasiness. She refuses to get solace by lying down on her mother’s lap and gets no sleep at all. The gypsy diagnoses that the disease is caused by Ranganatha who knows the cure. The medicine is saranagathi (surrender).

Writeup & Video :  Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan


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