New Delhi Sri Venkateswara Mandir Jaya Purattasi Brahmotsavam: Day 3 Garuda Sevai


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Jaya Varusha Purattasi Brahmotsavam at New Delhi Sri Venkateswara Perumal Thirukkoil commenced on September 25th , 2014 with Ankurarpanam. On the previous day, Senaimudaliyar purappadu took place. On September 26th 2014 was Day 1 of the utsavam with Dwajarohanam taking place in the morning. This was followed by purappdu for Sri Srinivasar and Ubhaya Nachiyars in Chapparam inside the koil prakaram and around the area (RK Puram, New Delhi) gracing people living around the temple. Similarly, in the evening, purappadu for Sri Srinivasar on Simha vahanam took place well.

During Day 2 of the utsavam, purappadu for Sri Srinivasar on Simha vahanam took place in a grand manner. The purappadu is led by Prabhandha Ghoshti and followed by Veda Parayana Ghoshti. There is homam and offerings are made to the sacrificial fire both in the morning and evening. The moolavar alankaram is also very special with various ornaments and flower garlands during this time and can be adored and relished only in person.

Day 1&2 photos can be viewed from:

Today, September 28th 2014, on day 3 of the Brahmotsavam, perumal blessed the devotees in Garuda Vahanam.

Some of the photos taken during Garuda sevai today can be viewed below:

New Delhi_Venkateswara Mandir_102 New Delhi_Venkateswara Mandir_103 New Delhi_Venkateswara Mandir_104 New Delhi_Venkateswara Mandir_105 New Delhi_Venkateswara Mandir_106 New Delhi_Venkateswara Mandir_107 New Delhi_Venkateswara Mandir_108 New Delhi_Venkateswara Mandir_109 New Delhi_Venkateswara Mandir_110

Photography by Sri Villiampakkam Krishna Ranga Rajan


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