Brahmotsavam at Andhra Pradesh’s Dakshina Simhachalam Concludes


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On June 15, 2014, Brahmotsavams at Dakshina Simhachalam Temple concluded. On the national highway 5, between Nellore and Ongole, Andhra pradesh, there lies a sacred place (Kshetram) called Singarayakonda. The temple, situated on the top of a small hill, is the home for Lord Maha-Vishnu in both the forms – Lord Varaha and Lord Narasimha. Lord Varaha is in sitting posture with goddess Lakshmi in His lap, while Lord Narasimha is in Yoga Mudra.

It is believed that Sri Narada installed the deity of Lord Yoga Narasimha millions of years ago and later Lord Varaha was installed by none other than Lord Rama Himself. Here, Lord Narasimha is often called “Thatha-Narasimha” as the Lord once protected a child – appearing in the form of an old man (Thatha in Telugu). Because both the Lords are residing here, which is a rare combination, this place is called “Dakshina Simhachalam”.

There is also a self – manifested Lord Hanuman just by the side of Lord Narasimha.

Down the hill, there is a beautiful pushkarini by name “Bhava-naasi” meaning that which destroys our material life.

Every year, in the month of June (beginning from Jyesta-Shudda-Navami), annual Brahmotsavams are conducted for the pleasure of the Lord. The Utsava Vigrahas of the Lord, Sridevi and Bhudevi will travel even to the far villages surrounding the temple – to bless the villagers who solely depend on the Lord for their protection. People from neighbouring villages attend in huge numbers particularly for Garuda-seva. The brahmotsavams concludes with Lord’s Kalyanam in the morning and Rathotsavam in the evening on the final day (Jyesta-Bahula-Chaviti).

The following are some of the photographs taken during the Brahmotsavam…

Dakshina Simhachalam_01 Dakshina Simhachalam_02 Dakshina Simhachalam_03 Dakshina Simhachalam_05 Dakshina Simhachalam_06 Dakshina Simhachalam_07 Dakshina Simhachalam_08 Dakshina Simhachalam_09 Dakshina Simhachalam_10 Dakshina Simhachalam_11 Dakshina Simhachalam_12 Dakshina Simhachalam_13 Dakshina Simhachalam_14

Photography and information by Sri Siva Rama Krishna

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