Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswami Temple Adhi Brahmotsavam: Panguni Uthiram Serthi Sevai


Ranganayaki Namperumal Serthi

April 13, 2014; Vijaya Varusha Panguni Utthiram was “The Day” at Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswami Temple. It was Day 9 of Adhi Brahmotsavam. Nam Perumal travels a lot during this utsavam. He started His Purappadu at 6 a.m.He did rounds of the Chitra & Uthra Veedhis where kainkarparas  were offered sambavanai by devotees. Actually He gave away His ring to Kamalavalli Nachiyar at Woraiyur on the 6th day of Panguni utsavam. Now that He has to meet SriRanga Nachiyar, He is nervous and pretends to search for the ring on all the Chitra and Utthira Veedhis. Devotees willingly contributed  their mite and offered to speak on His  behalf.  After the rounds He headed for Thayar Sannidhi.

But Thayar who usually came out to welcome Him  turned Her face the other way, closed the door on His face and Her servitors hurled  flower balls and fruits at Perumal. This is called “Mattayadi. The utsavam is called Pranayakalaha utsavam. NamPerumal stood  outside, humiliated. Why is the epitome of Mercy who cannot find a single fault in anyone angry with the  King of kings?  The reason is His visit to Woraiyur three days back. (Ref to Day-6 of Adhi Brahmotsavam).

Nammazhwar  and Araiyar Swamis are brought in to mediate. Araiyars speak on behalf of NamPerumal and the Bhandaris on behalf of Thayar. The dialogue is beautiful. The Divine Couple’s tiff illustrates that quarrels between husband and wife should be settled amicably and not carried over to bitterness. Usually when a quarrel is  settled there is more amicability than usual.  When NamPerumal seeks forgiveness Thayar relents and allows NamPerumal in  only because of Her respect for Nammazhwar. The time is 12.00 p.m.  Garlands, turmeric, and Tilakam are exchanged. This is the  first Ekantham  and happened between 12.30 p.m. and 1.45 p.m. Gadya Traya anusandhanam is done as it was on a Panguni Uthiram day that Bhaghavadh Ramanuja offered  Saranagathi, SriRangam and Sri Vaikunta Gadyam before the Divya Dampathis. The second Ekantham  takes place after this and  before Tirumanjanam and the third  Ekantham takes place before NamPerumal leaves Thayar Sannidhi.

The following are some of the related photographs….
Namperumal1 Namperumal2 Namperumal3 Namperumal4 Namperumal5Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_003 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_014 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_017 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_018 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_026 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_028 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_029 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_033 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_041 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_043 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_044 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_045 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_053 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_058 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_060 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_061 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_069 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_073 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_075 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_076 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_094Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_02 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_03 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_05 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_07 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_11 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_12 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_095 Ranganayaki Namperumal Serthi Ranganayaki Namperumal Serthi1Namperumal Ranganayaki Serthi

Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_000 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_001 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_002 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_003 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_004 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_005 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_006 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_007 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_008 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_009 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_010 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_011 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_012 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_013 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_014 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_015 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_016 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_017 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_018 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_019 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_020 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_021 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_022 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_023 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_024 Srirangam_Namperumal_Serthi_025
Write-up by Smt Vyjayanthi Sundararajan and Tamil Text from Koil Ozhugu – Vol. IV Part 2



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