Mannargudi Rajagopalaswami Temple Panguni Brahmotsavam Day 4


mannargudi Rajagopalan

As part of the Ongoing Panguni Brahmotsavam at Mannargudi  Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple, On 22 March 2014, Vijaya Varusha Panguni Anusham ; is the day 4 of Mannargudi Rajagopalaswamy Panguni Brahmotsvam, in the  Morning Perumal purappadu started at at 8.00 am in the Pallaku. The Divya Prabandha Goshti Thodakam happens before Embarumanar Sannathi in the Temple. The Perumal Sadagopan taken by the Deeshithar along with Kattiyam and Theevatti and garlanded to Embarumanar.    After that the Sadagopam was performed to all the Koshtikars and started Thodakkam. After that Perumal Thiruveedhi Ula for 4 Prakarams Called “GOPALA SAMUTHIRAM” South Street, West Street, North Street and then East Street.   In this 4 Prakarams all the Bakthas in his house to perform pooja with Prasadam, aarathi in each and every house. This happens for 3 to 4 hours  to complete in all the 4 pragarams. Along with Perumal Veda, Prabanda goshti, Rig Veda goshti and Sama Veda goshti are performed in all the 4 streets. The East Street Near Theradi the Divya Prabanda Goshti Sathumurai is performed.
Later  Perumal  proceeds  to “Yanai Vahana Mandapam” in Panthaladi  about 4 kms from temple and back to Vanamalai Madam situated near Temple. In the Vanamamalai Madam at about 3.00 pm   Padha Thirumanjanam conducted with grand manner.      This Mandagapadi performed by Vanamalai Padam Jeer on behalf of his Sishyas. Around 6.0 pm ” Sarkarai Pongal  Thirupavadai Kandarulal”  together with all Prasadams with Muruku, Thenkozhal, Athirsam and Vadai. After Thirupavadai the Theertha Prasadam and other Prasadam distributed to Goshitikaras and other Sevarthigals. In  Vanamamalai Madam a grand and Special Nadaswara Katcheri is performed. After that Perumal Purappadu  begins at 8.30 pm  with Govarthanagiri Vahanam with”Kannan ThiruKolam” along with Pasu Madu and Kantrukutti with Santhanakappu.    The Nadaswara Katcheri, Mela Vathiyam  proceed to “Yana Vahana Mandapam” and then back  to Temple Mada Veedhi Prakaram called “Gopala Samuthiram”   and reached Temple around 2.30 am in the next day morning with “Thiruvanthi Kappu” and proceeded to “Palli Arai”.

The Panguni Brahmotsavam  will take place until 3rd April 2014 and continues with Vidayatri utsavam , Thirutheppam  upto 17th April2014. All are invited to attend the Brahmotsavan and get the blessings of Divya Dampatis.

To view the Utsava  Patrikai :  Mannargudi Rajagopalaswami Temple Panguni Brahmotsava Patrikai

For Previous Day Utsavam :

These are some of the photos taken during Day 4 of Utsavam…

Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--00Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--01  Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--03Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--04Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--05Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--06Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--07Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--08  Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--10Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--11Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--12Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--13Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--14Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--15Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--16Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--17Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--18Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--19Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--20Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--21Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--22Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--23Mannargudi Brahmotsavam day 4  2014--24
Mannargudi Rajagopalan in GOvarthanagiri
WriteUp : Sri Uppili Srinivasan
Photography: Sri Sriram Deekshidhar


  1. Thank you Sri Mukundan Swamin. On behalf of Mannargudi Vasikal we pray Sri Rajagopalan & Sri Sengamalathayar Paripoorana Anugraham to you and all the members of Srivaishananews and Anudinam portals.


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