Sri Vaishnava Dinasari – Pasuram 8


Anbil Rappathu Utsavam Day 2 2014-2

Pasuram 8 : Svadhyayam

Sri Vaishnava Dinasarai 8


thuthikaLu maRivaru suruthiyiniRuthiyin

ithayamithena muniyiRaiyavaruraikaLum

mathuramanuthaviya maRaikaLumadiyavar

vithivagai paravuvar mikavuLamezhavE.


Joyous spending of their time: After reflections on the three rahasyams, the Sri VaishNavAs recite Sri VishNu Sahasra Naamams, excerpts from IthihAsams and Saathvika PurANams and the aruLiccheyaLs (blessed Sri Sookthis) of the twelve AzhwArs. They will recite them and will also explain their esoteric meanings to fellow Sri VaishNavAs. This aspect of Dinasari is known as SvAdhyAyam and takes place up to evening SandhyAvandhanam and thereafter.

Prakrutham Azhagiyasinga Kalakshepam Kalakshepa Goshtiveda recitation


  1. AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZINGGGGGGGGGGG i have been following your website for the past one month, wow what a beautiful service, i wonder amidst by stressful office priorities how can i come know the happenings of vaishnavite world, but you have brought to my desktop…..everyday i feel like a visiting a divya desam from my office table, what you are doing here is not simple, going to remote divya desams, photographing and posting here – wow wow just wow acharya sakalpam you are lighting people’s life like none other. Thanks a ton thanks a ton thanks a ton –

    Adiyen Ramanujan Dasan


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