Vedam Odhuthal


Difference-Between-Upanishads-and-Vedas4Vedam Odhuthal tells the significance of reciting vedas. Many Stalwarts says that, Its a Mandatory condition for a Brahman to recite atleast a Small portion(Panjathi) of  vedas everyday. The main and foremost dharma of Brahman is  reciting Vedas. Emperuman is happy only when brahman does this dharma, than performing any of other dharmas . In these days Brahmans are not in position to do Veda adhyayanam fully, But  some atleast  recite Upayuktamana Purusha Suktham, Upanishads Bhaagam, Many doesnt fall in this two criteria those brahmans fulfill by doing Gayatri Japam in Sandhyavandhanam.The Author tells if brahman misses the final one, nothing can be said to them. The author explains the Importance of Veda adhyayanam by a small story. From this article, Most of us comes in the last options of doing sandhyavandhanam , So we all have to honour the Vedic Pandits  of today’s world. Its our duty of Brahman to help the (Co-Brahman) Vedic Pandits, Vedic Students, as they are the key players for  (Loka KShemam) making the world in Peace .

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Vedam Odhuthal-4veda recitation_640x421  Vedam Odhuthal-5Achithra Aswamedha Kataka Parayana Samithi at Srirangam 2014  -2 Vedam Odhuthal-6 Vedam Odhuthal-7    SriVedantaDesika_Devasthanam__Samprokshanam_2013-0084   Vedam Odhuthal-9


  1. Very nice article… Thanks for sharing.
    Infact I am very happy see my father in the very first photo, very first row.
    I am here, today, with all blessings of my Father, Grandfather, GreatgrandFather … all three are Vedha-Pandits.


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