Kanchi Perundevi Thayar & Devaperumal Theppam At Ananthsaras Day 1


Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-18

Theppotsavam is the float festival, conducted in many divya desams and abhimaans sthals every year. This year, the three day Theppotsavam at Kanchipuram Varadharaja Swamy temple is being conducted between January 16th 2014 to January 18th 2014. During day 1 of the Theepotsavam purappadu for Perundevi Thayar & Devaperumal took place, followed by theppotsavam in the Ananthsaras pushkarani. Several devotees participated in the purappadu andĀ theppotsavam.

Earlier to Theepotsavam, Devaperumal visited Pazhyaseevaram on January 15 2014, photos of which can be viewed in this link:

Some of the photos taken during Theepotsavam can be viewed below

Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-00 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-01 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-02 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-03 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-04 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-05 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-06 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-08 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-09 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-10 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-12 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-14 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-15 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-16 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-17 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-18 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-19 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-20 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-21 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-22 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-23 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-24 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-25 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-26 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-28 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-31 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-32 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-33 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-34 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-36 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-37 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-38 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-39 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-40 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-41 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-43 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-44 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-45 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-47 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-48 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-50 Kanchi Devaperumal_Theppam-51

Photography by Sri Chechu Bhattar

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