Srirangam Namperumal Irapathu Utsavam Day 5 – Part 2


Srirangam_Adyayana Utsavam-007

Yesterday, Vijaya Thai Tiruvadirai, NamPerumal left Moolasthanam in Purappadu at 6.00 a.m. to reach Kanu mandapam. Kanu mandapam is located in 1000 pillared mandapam infront of Tirumamani mandapam. Yesterday He came with Ubhaya nachimars early morning at 5.30a.m. and reached Sankranthi mandapam which is located behind Tirumamani mandapam.Tiruppavai Satrumurai took place here. After theertham SriSathari NamPerumal returned to Moolasthanam at 9.45 a.m. NamPerumal in blue velvet embroidered with pearls came out of Kanu mandapam riding the golden horse.This is known as kanu Parivettai. Pari means earth and vettai means hunting. Perumal goes to hunt souls who surrender at His feet and and make them His own.  Devotees thronged in huge numbers and waited for Perumal to emerge out of the thousand pillared mandapam and ran along with Him to admire the majesty of His horse riding form and to enjoy His alankaram which is ever new.

Photos of Kanu Parivettai purappadu can be viewed here (Part 1):

Some of the photos taken yesterday during Irapathu Utsavam Day 5 can be viewed below

Srirangam_Adyayana Utsavam-000 Srirangam_Adyayana Utsavam-001 Srirangam_Adyayana Utsavam-002 Srirangam_Adyayana Utsavam-003 Srirangam_Adyayana Utsavam-004 Srirangam_Adyayana Utsavam-005 Srirangam_Adyayana Utsavam-006 Srirangam_Adyayana Utsavam-007 Srirangam_Adyayana Utsavam-008 Srirangam_Adyayana Utsavam-009 Srirangam_Adyayana Utsavam-010 Srirangam_Adyayana Utsavam-011
Writeup by Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan


  1. Kanu purappadu took place early morning. Infact the alankaram was muthangi when NamPerumal left Moolasthanam.When leaving for Parivettai He was dressed in riding clothes.After going up to Rajagopuram Perumal returned to Moolasthanam.Day -5 Purappadu took place at 11.00 reach Tirumamani mandapam at 2.00 p.m in different sathupudi.So this is not part -2 of 5th day of irra pathu.


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