Hanuman – The Vayu Putra


Sri Anjaneya is a parama Bhakta of Sri Rama and Sita Piratti. It is said that when Sri Raama returned to Paramapada at the end of His avatar, He invited Hanuman to accompany Him. But, Hanuman politely declined saying that He can neither give up the Sareera embraced by the Lord, nor would he be able to witness the Lord in the form of Sri Rama in the Paramapada and preferred to stay back. Sri Rama blessed him with Chiranjeevitvam – eternal life. It is believed that Hanuman attends wherever Pravachanam of Srimad Ramayanam is delivered. For this purpose, even to this day, a special low wooden seat (Manai) is provided exclusively for Hanuman in the hall where Srimad Ramayana Pravachanam is delivered. Hanumaan is believed to listen the Pravachanam with folded hands and eyes filled with tears of joy.

This year Sri Hanumath Jayanthi will be celebrated on January 1, 2014. The following is an article about Sri Rama Bhakta Hanuman in Tamil authored by Sri U.Ve. Thanjai N.S.Thathacharya Swami…


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