Thiruchanoor Sri Padmavathi Thayar Karthiga Brahmotsavam: Day 2


Thiruchanoor Snapana Thirumanjanam

As part of the ongoing Karthiga Brahmotsavam at Thiruchanoor Sri Padmavathi Thayar Sannidhi, Day 2 utsavam was celebrated well with purappadu for Thayar on Pedda Sesha Vahanam and Hamsa Vahanam today (November 30, 2013). The morning purappadu for Thayar on Pedda Sesha Vahanam around the Mada Streets took place between 8 am and 10 am. Thereafter, Snapana Thirumanjanam was performed for Sri Padmavathi Thayar at Sri Krishna Mukha Mandapam in the afternoon. In the evening, purappadu on Hamsa Vahanam took place between 8 pm and 10 pm.  Several devotees participated in the utsavam to get Thayar’s anugraham.

Yesterday evening (Day 1), purappadu for Thayar took place on Chinna Sesha Vahanam in the evening, while Dwajarohanam took place in the morning. On November 28, 2013, Ankurarpanam and Senadhipati (Vishvaksenar) Utsavam took place in the evening. The 9-day utsavam will conclude on December 7, 2013. Some of the important utsavams are Garuda Sevai on December 4, 2013; Rathotsavam on December 6, 2013: and Panchami Theertham on December 7, 2013.  On the concluding day, the Padmasarovaram, the temple tank in the abode of Goddess Padmavati, turns into a sea of devotees with tens of thousands of pilgrims hailing from across the country participating in Panchami Theertham. The religious occasion of Panchami Theertham marks the auspicious birth day and celebration of the manifestation of Sri Padmavati Devi in a Golden Lotus in Padma Sarovaram on Sukla Panchami of Karthiga month.

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The following are some of the photographs and videos taken during the utsavam…

Hamsa Vahanam (Day 2 Evening)

thiruchanoor hamsa vahanam5 thiruchanoor hamsa vahanam1 thiruchanoor hamsa vahanam thiruchanoor hamsa vahanam3thiruchanoor hamsa vahanam4

Thirumanjanam (Day 2 Afternoon)

Thiruchanoor Snapana Thirumanjanam1 Thiruchanoor Snapana Thirumanjanam2 Thiruchanoor Snapana Thirumanjanam

Pedda Sesha Vahanam (Day 2 Morning)

Thiruchanoor peddasesha vahanam Thiruchanoor peddasesha vahanam1 Thiruchanoor peddasesha vahanam3 Thiruchanoor peddasesha vahanam4 Thiruchanoor peddasesha vahanam5 Thiruchanoor peddasesha vahanam6

Chinna Sesha Vahanam (Day 1 Evening)

Thiruchanoor chinnasesha vahanam3 Thiruchanoor chinnasesha vahanam4 Thiruchanoor chinnasesha vahanam1 Thiruchanoor chinnasesha vahanam Thiruchanoor chinnasesha vahanam2

Photo Courtesy: Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams; Video Courtesy: Sri Veeraraghavan


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