Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 13





kaantastavaiSha karuNaa jaladhiH prajaanaam. h
aaj~naatila~Nghana vashaadupajaata roShaH.
ahnaaya vishva janani xamayaa bhavatyaa
sarvaavagaahana sahaam. h upayaatya vasthaam. h. 13

The thirteenth shlokam focuses on a very important Tatthvam: Bhumi DEvi enabling even the mighty sinners to approach Her Lord through Her intercession. The key words of this shlokam are: “UpajAtha rOsha: Tava Kaantha: KshamayA bhavathyA sarva avagAha sahAm avasthAm ahnAya upayAthiā€¯


Oh Mother of the Universe (Viswa Janani)! Your husband is an ocean of Mercy (Tava: Kaantha: yEsha: KaruNA Jaladhi:). Inspite of that, He gets angry at the chEtanams, who repeatedly trasgress the commands laid out by Him in His SaasthrAs (PrajAnAm Aaj~nA athilanghana vasAth upajAtha rOsha:). You are standing next to Him as the embodiment of forbearance (KshamA). He looks at You and transforms His mood from that of punishing the sinners to forgiving them. As a result, He reaches immediately the state of easy approachability even by the sinners thanks to Your influence (KshamayA BhavathyA Tava Kaantha: Sarva avagAhana sahAm avasthAm ahnAya upayAthi). His anger is quenched and He reaches a state of Soulabhyam, which encourages the sinners to approach Him with courage and confidence. The transformation in Him is immediate and is a direct result of You (BhUmi DEvi) standing in front of Him to banish His anger at the sinners.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…

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