Thittai Sri Navaneetha Krishnan Temple


Located in between the renowned Thanjai Maa Mani Divya Desam and the Punnai Nallur Kothandarama Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Navaneetha Krishnan in a remote village in Thittai near Thanjavur. The temple is in the midst of lush greenery all around in a calm and peaceful village.

Thanjai Maa Mani Divya Desam on the Vennar Bank is about 5kms South West while Rama Temple in Punnai Nallur is about 5kms South of Thittai.
Temple Complex


To the North East of the Navaneetha Krishnan temple is a Siva Temple that has been praised by the Nayanmars.

Special Dancing Posture

The moolavar deity, Lord Navaneetha Krishnan, is seen in a special dancing posture with his left leg slightly bent and placed on a pedestal with the right leg on a lotus stalk.

Sri Navaneetha Krishnan

His left hand is seen stretched to balance the body weight, while in his right palm Lord Navaneetha Krishnan is seen holding a ball of fresh butter.

Reference by Swami Desikan

Swami Desikan has praised Lord Navaneetha Krishnan in his Gopala Vimasathy:

ஆவீர் பவத் வநிப்ருதா பரணம் புரஸ்தாத்
ஆகுஞ்சிதைக சரணம் நிப்ருதாந்ய பாதம்
தத்நா நிமந்த முகரேண நிபத்த தாலம்
நாதச்ய நந்தபவநே நவநீத நாட்யம்

Presence of Anjaneya

Another feature at this temple is the presence of Anjaneya facing the North. The story goes that there have been several instances of Lord Anjaneya here answering the prayers of the devotees and fulfilling their wishes after they have offered their sincere prayers here and presented a coconut to him.He is referred to here as ‘Kaarya Siddhi Anjaneya’.
North Facing Anjaneya
Sacred Tank

There is an ancient Pushkarani to the West of the temple. Plans are on to build a Raja gopuram at this temple.


Sri Jayanthi Utsavam
Thirumanjanam every month on Rohini Star
Hanuman Jayanthi
Panguni Uthiram Garuda Seva
Vaikunta Ekadesi Procession

On the full moon day in Chitrai, special donation from the Navaneetha Krishnan temple is handed to the Siva Temple for the Thiru Kalyanam there that day.

Quick Facts

Moolavar: Navaneetha Krishnan with Rukmini and Satyabhama in an East facing Dancing Posture
Thaayar : Hemambhuja Valli Thaayar
Separate Sannidhi: Kaarya Siddhi Anjaneya
Temple Time: 8am-12noon and 5pm-7pm

Contact: S Ramesh (Vijaya Raghava) Bhattar @ 04362 251885 or 99448 32653

How to reach there?

Thittai Village is around 10kms from Thanjavur old bus stand on the Thanjavur- Papanasam-Kumbakonam rail route. The temple is about 1km West of the Thittai Railway Station. There are daily passenger trains from Thanjavur and Kumbakonam that stop at Thittai.

Bus Numbers 34, 48A, 45B and Rahat (private bus) ply every hour from Thanjavur. One can reach Thittai within half hour from Thanjavur.

Auto from Thanjavur can be hired.

Courtesy: Sri S.Prabhu

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