Hamsa Sandesam Slokas 46 & 47


sri ranganatha srirangam

Sloka 46

The flashes of the Memory about RanganAthan at AyodhyA


Oh Swan friend! It is but natural that a series of associated things come before one’s mind, when one focuses on one object. I have been talking to you until now about Sriranga VimAnam. Now, my mind is running towards the vastu inside that vimAnam. That vastu is Sri RanganAthan shining like an emerald gem in a jewel Box (tat anta: manjUshAyAm marakatam iva). This Ranga VimAnam providing the shade for the Lord is Suddha sattva mayam (free from rajas and tamas) and is self manifested (svayam udayata:) on the Sesha pITham. When I think of the PraNavAkAra VimAnam, my mind takes me to AdiSeshan, who performs kaimkaryam as the bed for the Lord inside the Ranga VimAnam. Next my mind rests on the hand of the Lord, which is being used by Him as His pillow (upahita bhujam). From there, my mind goes up to His vAtsalyam-laden eyes. From there my mind runs to His chest and has the darSana saubhAgyam of Periya PirATTi there serving as His jIva nADi (jaladhi tanayA jIvitam). After that mind-filling experience, my mind runs quickly to the Jagat kAraNan, Sri RanganAthan (Adyam devam ceta: dhAvati).

Sloka 47

Hamsa Sandesam 47

Appeal to the Swan to cross the mid portion between cOzha and PaaNDya desams


Oh Friend Swan! After the salutation of the Sesha piTham, you will take to the air and come across a forest area between COLa and PaaNDya desams. This forest is full of KaLLars (thieves), who are waiting to waylay the travelers. In that forest, you will also hear the loud and unpleasant noise raised by crickets / suvar kOzhi (SravaNa parusham jhillI nAdam). In that forest, please do not raise your sweet voice and proceed silently. After you cross this fearsome forest, you can sing with your natural sweet voice (tasmin tIrNe SItaLAn te ninAdAn prakaTaya). It is a loka rIti that superior poets do not sing their exquisite poems before the roughnecks (durjanAnAm sannidhau kavaya: na khalu SabdAyante); these roughnecks argue with each other only for argument’s sake in a VitanDA vAdam style.

English Commentary by Sri Oppiliappan Sadagopan

The following is pictorial representation of the slokas and the audio of Slokam 46  followed by Ranganatham Bhavaye:

Hamsa Sandesam 46 Hamsa Sandesam 47
Courtesy: Smt Jayanthi Sridharan (Carnatic vocalist)


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