Sri Kandullam Magazhintha Perumal Temple, Padagacheri


Located just under 20kms from Kumbakonam off the Mannargudi highway on the Southern Banks of Vettaru in a very quiet remote village is the Kandullam Magazhintha Perumal temple in Paadagacheri whose legend dates back to the Ramayana and Lord Rama’s search for Sita.

The Story

The story goes that Sita dropped her jewels as she was being carried off by Ravana. On finding these jewels at different places, Rama asked Lakshmana if these were Sita’s jewels. Lakshmana remained quiet.On reaching this place, Rama found her Anklets and once again enquired with Lakshmana if this was Sita’s to which Lakshmana expressed delight for this was the very anklet that he saw every day when he fell at her feet for her blessings.

This gave Rama the confidence that all other jewels that they saw along the way were also hers and that they were going in the right direction to locate her.


The Name

As he was delighted to get hints of her whereabouts here at this place, the Lord here came to be called ‘Kandullam Magazhintha Perumal’. Since this was the place where Rama found Sita’s Paadagam
(Anklets), this place came to be called Paadagacheri. The Lord was housed in a thatched hut North West of the current site of the temple over the last two centuries. The temple in its current form and structure was renovated a couple of years ago.

Quick Facts:

Moolavar : Kandullam Magazhintha Perumal East Facing Standing Posture along with Sri and Bhoo devi
Time : 9am- 6pm
Contact : Kumaran Gurukal @ 99528 48340 (He takes care of all the five temples here at Padagacheri)

How to reach there ?

Take the Mannargudi bound bus from Kumbakonam and get down at Paadagacheri, about 5kms after Valangaiman and 3kms before Alangudi. From the bus stop, take the right road (westwards) and walk over a km to reach the temple.

Courtesy: Sri S.Prabhu


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