Garuda Sevai At Kumbakkonam Ramaswamy Temple


Yesterday 16th of September 2013, as a part of ongoing pavitrotsavam at Sri Ramaswamy temple in Kumbakkonam, Udhaya Garuda sevai was conducted around 8 am. Sri Pattabhisheka Ramar blessed the devotees from Garuda vahanam. Ramaswamy Temple is located half a kilometre south of Sarangapani Koil.

Built during the period of Achuta Nayak about 400 years ago, the Ramaswamy temple has each of the brothers (of Rama) in very devoted and respectful postures, ready to serve Rama. North facing Rama is a special feature at this temple, not seen in many other temples in India. Rama is seen with Sita in a sitting posture flanked by Lakshmana who is holding Rama’s bow and waiting for his brother’s orders. Baratha is seen holding a brass umbrella over Rama, almost as to protect him from a hot sun while Shatrughna is fanning Rama. Lord Hanuman is seen with a Veena in one hand and reading the Ramayana in the other, not seen in any other temple.

Some of the photos taken during Garuda Sevai yesterday can be viewed below

Ramaswamy Temple_Kumbakkonam_1

Ramaswamy Temple_Kumbakkonam_2 Ramaswamy Temple_Kumbakkonam_3 Ramaswamy Temple_Kumbakkonam_4 Ramaswamy Temple_Kumbakkonam_5 Ramaswamy Temple_Kumbakkonam_6

Courtesy: Sri Ramanathan

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