Pancha Samskara / Samasrayanam – A Dialogue


Pancha samskaram

SamAshrayanam means ‘to approach (AchAryA) with all sincerity’. In a nut shell, during ‘SamAshrayanam’, the AchAryA initiates a person, irrespective of caste, creed or sex, as his sishyA. It is a commitment from the disciple that he or she will live as per the wishes of the AchAryA. Thus the person gets the link to the Sri Vaishnava paramparA. During SamAshrayanam, Pancha SamskAram (five Purifications) is performed and he becomes a “Sri VaishnavA”.

Here is an article based on a dialogue about Pancha Samskara/Samasrayanam, written by Sri U.Ve. Purusai Nadathoor Krishnamacharya Swami, and translated in English by Sri U.Ve. Kurchi Narayanan Swami.

Panchasamskaram_1 Panchasamskaram_2

Panchasamskaram_3 Panchasamskaram_4 Panchasamskaram_5Panchasamskaram_6 Panchasamskaram_7 Panchasamskaram_8Panchasamskaram_9 Panchasamskaram_10 Panchasamskaram_11

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  1. Excellent document. adiyen is very grateful. This article clears a lot of misconceptions and how one becomes a Srivaishnava only with Acharya anugraham and not by birth.

    Acharyan tiruvadigale sharanam

  2. Many many thanks for the excellent information.Infact both myself and my wife have got samashramanam from Andavan swamy as directed by my beloved mother.Infact a few days back my Son and DIL were asking why Samashramanam is to be got done.
    With Pranams

  3. Glad to have come across this document. I am a non-brahmin and I have been wanting to get my Panchasamskaram done for a while now. This just inspires me further.


  4. Adiyen is very much grateful for providing such detailed explanation.

    The article talks about “satcharitha rakshai”. Could you kindly provide some information on where it can be found.

    Also, could you elaborate on the
    a. how / where the pundarams have to be worn. I know that the places, but fail to understand the why these places are emphaiszed.
    b. The use of specific names like “madhava”, “keshava” etc when doing sandhyavandanam.

  5. I live in Mumbai,my mother tongue is Marathi.Can I get pancha samskarams done on me? I don’t understand a single word of Tamil…is this possible? I have a keen interest in Vaishnavism and am a vegetarian too.
    Out of the four sampradhyams, it is Sri Vaishnavism which appeals me the most.


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