Mukunda Maala Sloka 23





Meaning :

After praising the incomparable beauty of SrI kRshNa, KulaSEkharAzhvAr now turns to the holy SrI-kRshNa-mantram. He explains the significance of the mantram and the many blessings it confers on those who chant it repeatedly.

“SrI-kRshNa-mantram  janma-sAphalya-mantram  satatam  japa”  is  the AzhvAr’s recommendation. He asks us to recite the kRshNa-mantram which gives meaning and fruit to one’s life. He explains the reasons for his recommendation since he knows from his experience that the mantram can offer all the following benefits:

  • 1.  Satru chEda Eka mantram : it is the one mantram which will destroy one’s enemies.
  • 2.  Upanishad vAkhya sampUjya mantram : It is the mantram which has been identified as the most sacred by the upanishad vAkhyams.
  • 3.  SamsAra uttAra mantram : It is the mantram which gets us across the ocean of samsAra.
  • 4.  Samupacita tama: sangha niryANa mantram : It is the mantram which can banish the deep and dark clouds of ignorance and despair.
  • 5.  Sarva aiSvarya Eka mantram : It is the one mantram for attaining all kinds of wealth.
  • 6.  Vyasana bhujaga sandashTa santrANa mantram : It is the mantram which acts as a sure cure for the poisonous bites of serpents known as worldly afflictions.
  • 7.  Janma sAphalya mantram : the one mantram, recitation of which makes one’s life worth living and fruitful.

SrI kulaSEkharar therefore asks us to recite constantly the holy mantram known as SrI-kRshNa-mantram for realizing all of the above benefits.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan


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