Yathiraja Vimsathy Sloka 19 and 20 (conclusion)


Uthiramerur Sri Ramanuja Jayanti_62



O My Lord RamAnujA! Please increase my blessings to have the darsanam of your lotus feet daily. That blessing was conferred first on me by my own Acharya, Thirmali AazhwAr, out of the great compassion that he had for me. Please banish any other desire that stands in the way of the darsana bhaagyam of your lotus feet.   The reference here is to the request of MaamunigaL’s own Achaarya, Thiruvaaimozhi PiLLai (Srisaila Naathar) asking his disciple to compose a sthothram on Sri RaamAnujA.


20a 20b


Meaning :

O YathirAjA! O Ocean of Mercy! Please recognize me as an ignoramus, who does not know much about Tattva, Hitha, PurushArthams and as a helpless one without any redeeming qualities (Aathma GuNAs). Please accept my prayerful request for your grace and protection and bless me.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan


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