Yathiraja Vimsathy – Sloka 5 and 6




Meaning :O Lord of our kulam! In this samsAric life full of afflictions, I pray to you for the boon of developing taste right now for firmness of mind to follow steadfastly the three doctrines elaborated by the mantra Raajam, Ashtaksharam. May I of limited  intellect  and  achievement be  blessed  to  have  the uninterrupted meditation on your holy feet that has been fit for   worship   by   mahAns   like   KuratthAzhwAn,   EmbAr, PiLLAn and others.


06a 06b

Meaning :

O Ocean of Mercy! O my Crown Jewel of an Achaarya! I do not possess deep attachment to your lotus feet. I do not seem to have even a small measure of that bhakthi to your sacred feet. My  desire  for  the  worldly  pleasures  keeps  on  growing  day  by  day.  What  a  pity!  The fundamental reason for this phenomenon is the underlying paapams of mine. I can not think of any other causative factor for this state. Therefore, I beg you to banish my paapams with your grace.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan


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