Vajra Kreedam Samarpanam to Dombivli Sri Balaji Mandir Sri Padmavathi Thayar


Thayar gaja vahanam balaji mandir2 Sri Padmavathi Thayar Annual Brahmothsavam at Sri Balaji Mandir, Dombivili, Mumbai

On June 26th, 2013, the Samarpanam of Vajra Kreedam to Sri Padmavathi Thayar at SSAP Sri Balaji Mandir, Dombivli was an excellent precision of perfection and attended by a large gathering of devotees.

The programme began with Thirumanjanam to Sri Thayar (a very rare opportunity to witness by many of us) with holy water, Milk, Honey, Coconut water , turmeric, and sandal paste. This was followed by alankarams. The Vajra Kreedam was brought to the sannidhi, punyavachanam done and taken by procession to Lord Sri Balaji’s Sannidhi. During the whole period of Thirumanajanam the Adhyapaka Goshti recited number of  avarthis of Sri Sukhtam, Sri Lakhsmi Ashtothram, Sri Stuthi and Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam.

In the meanwhile, the Temple Bhattars under the leadership of Sri Dikshatar Swami were busy with the sathupadi for Thayar alankarams. Once , the stage was set for the grand event, with the curtains coming down, bells ringing, the Harathi conducted by the Bhattar, it was as if we all were in Thiruchanur. So beautiful was Thayar. Her alankaram. It looked as though there was a stiff  competition going on between the Lord Sri Balaji who  is said to be alankara priyan  and Thayar  that who is the most beautiful. Sri Balaji’s lips were all cheers that on His Birth Star Thiruvonam day he has gifted Sri Padmavathi Thayar with Ratnangi (Vajra) Kreedam.

This was followed by Thirtham, Goshti prasdam and  that  delicious Chakra Pongal Prasadams served along with madhvargam to all devotees present.

Those who missed out the occasion can have the darshan & blessings of Thayar with Vajra kreedam during the coming  full week.

The following are some of the photographs taken during the utsavam…

Courtesy: Sri Rangarajan


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