U.Ve. Sri M.V. Ananthapadmanabhachariar Honoured by Suka Brahma Maharishi Ashramam


U.Ve. Sri M.V. Ananthapadmanabhachariar was honored by Suka Brahma Maharishi Ashramam at T.Nagar, yesterday, 26th of June 2013. Every year the Suka Brahma Maharishi Ashramam celebrate the jayanthi of Sukha Maharishi by giving awards to appropriate personalities and this year this award was given to Sri M.V. Ananthapadmanabhachariar Swami. Some of the photos taken during the event can be viewed below

Anathapadmanbacharyar_5 Anathapadmanbacharyar_6 Anathapadmanbacharyar_7 Anathapadmanbacharyar_8


  1. I have nothing to say the beloved your self . I need one help the the following in Tamil PDF. I have given my I D . I will be grateful if you help me in this matter
    1. Samshepa ramanayam ( P DF)
    2. Gayathri Ramamynanm ( PDF)

  2. Sir there was an upanyasam by swami Sri Ananthapadmanabhachariar way back around 2007 where he spoke on the history of Ramayanam from Brahma which got divided among Devas , rishis and manushyas by Parameswaran on equal basis 3333333 slokas and 10 aksharas each out of the 1 cried slokas composed by Brahma. Finally only 2 aksharas were left out which were राम which Siva kept to himself as the fees for adjudication. I was sent a cassette of this which is now damaged. Can you help me get a soft copy of that upanyasam? Thanks


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