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 Here is a writeup of Stalapuranam about Thiruvidanthai divya desam nearby to Chennai, written by Sri U.Ve.Vidwan Egai VedantaDesika Thatacharya Swami.


Located on East Coast Road, about 40 kms South of Madras and 1 km North of Crocodile bank is the Nithya Kalyana Perumal Koil at Thiruvidanthai.

Brahmachaari Lord getting married here
Lord Narayana came here as a Brahmachaari, answering the prayers of Kaalava Rishi and married 360 young daughters of the Rishi in one year. On the last day, he is said to have merged them into one and given darshan with Goddess on his left. Hence the Goddess here is called ‘Agila Valli Thaayaar’. Having married one girl a day here at this temple, the Lord is called ‘Nithya Kalyana Perumal’.
Being the place where the Lord married every day of the year, it is believed to be a very auspicious temple relating to marriage. Legend has it that unmarried people will immediately find their life partner if they visit this place and offer their prayers to Nithya Kalyana Perumal. The temple priests confirm that they have been a witness to the Lord answering instantly the prayers of unmarried men and women and their parents.

Unique Posture of the Lord
At this temple, one finds the Lord in a unique standing posture facing East. While one leg is on the ground, the other is on Adhisheshan and his wife. And he is seen balancing Goddess Agila Valli on his left thigh.

Bali’s penance and Aadhi Varaha providing Darshan
Asuras wanted to take on the Devas and sought the help of Bali, son of Asura Meganathan. Bali, known for his fairness, asked them not to fight the Devas without a cause and refused to support the Asuras. Without Bali’s participation, the Asuras were soundly defeated. The Asuras surrendered to Bali and once again requested him to fight for them. Pushed by the Asuras, Bali agreed and under his leadership the Asuras won.
Bali is said to have undertaken penance here at Thiruvidanthai to atone the sin of fighting the Devas without a just cause. Pleased with his prayers, Lord Aadhi Varaaha is believed to have appeared before him and provided Moksham to him at this place.

Chozha Kings and Thiruvidanthai temple
Raja Raja Chozha celebrated a 7day festival in Aavani and a 9day festival in Panguni. He is also said to have fed a number of Brahmins here. Vijaya Rajendra Chozha  donated this entire village to the Thiruvidanthai Lord. This place is also called Nithya Kalyana Puri, Sri Puri and Varaaha Puri. As the Lord merged 360 girls into one and appeared with the Goddess on his left on the last day, this place is called Thiru- Idanthai (Thiru-Goddess, Idanthai-left side), which in course of time became ThiruVidanthai.

Deity      : Aadhi Varaaha Perumal East Facing standing posture
Goddess : Agila Valli Naachiyar
Utsavar  : Nithya Kalyana Perumal
Azhvaar  :ThiruMangai Azhvaar – 13 Paasurams
Temple Timing : 6am –12noon and 3pm-8pm
Contact   : 044 27472235

How to reach
Location: 40 kms South of Madras along the East Coast Road
Buses ply from Madras to this temple (bus nos. 117,118,188V, 188K, 188A) on East Coast Road
By Car, one can reach the temple within 45mts from Madras.
One can visit both Thiru Kadan Mallai (Sthala Sayana Perumal at Maamallapuram) and ThiruVidanthai Divya Desams on the same day.

English Writeup: Thanks to Sri Prabhu


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  1. swamin, thanks a lot for this sthala puranam and other details. it would be nice if you could tell us about the visesham here, i.e., the specific prarthanal poorthi and dhosham nivarthi of many such places.


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