Srivari Sevaks – Blessing their lives in the service of fellow Pilgrims


Derived out from the noble concept of “Manava Sevaye Madhava Seva” which means “Service to Humanity is Service to God”, the Srivari Seva voluntary service started by TTD 12 years ago, is today winning the hearts of multitude of devotees across the country as well the world, for their flawless services to the fellow pilgrims.

The Srivari seva volunteers hailing from different parts of the country render voluntary services to the visiting pilgrims of Tirumala for a period of seven days. The srivari sevaks keep on coming round the year and on an average on any given day there will be not less than 750 srivari sevaks available at the service of pilgrims. However this figure triples during festive occasions, summer vacation and on New Year’s Day.


The services of Srivari Sevaks are best utilised by TTD in Vaikuntham I and II, Kalyana Katta, PAC I, II and III, Annaprasadam complex, queue lines, compartments, Vigilance etc. This year also about 11thousand odd srivari sevaks extended their valuable services to approximately 35 lakhs of pilgrims who thronged the hill temple of Lord Venkateswara in the last 45 days starting from April 25 till June 10.

The Srivari Seva is also gaining popularity day by day as many devotees from across the country are coming forward to render free services to the pilgrims.

Between Teams Women Sevaks Men Sevaks Total
25-4-2011 and 10-6-2011 474 6,045 2,935 8,980
25-4-2012 and 10-6-2012 526 7,375 3,908 11,283

The above statistical data clearly shows the day by day increasing popularity to Srivari Seva Voluntary Service. This year an additional of 2,303 sevaks belonging to 42 groups rendered services to pilgrims when compared to last year.


TTD is also contemplating to best utilise the services of Srivari Sevaks in future by strengthening the system with new guidelines which will come into effect shortly. TTD is also inviting the youth to voluntarily take part in this great service and sanctify their lives in the service of pilgrims.

Courtesy: Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam


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