Sri Sundarabahusthavam – 42



  • SlOkam 124:
  • S124

    lankA yuddhahatAn harIn dvijasutam SambUkadoshAnmrtam
    sAndIpanyabhijam mrtam dvijasutAn bAlAmSca vaikuNThagAn |
    garbham ca arjunisambahavam vyudadhara: sva enaiva rUpeNa ya:
    sva abhIshTam mama madguroSca dadase no kim vanAdrIsvara! ||

    Oh SundarabAhu! “Won’t You not grant aDiyEn’s and that of my AcAryan’s wish” asks KUresar in this Slokam (vanAdrISvara! mama madguro: abhIshTam kim no dadase?). You have done so many atimAnusha lIlais (atimAnusha stavam: Slokam 58). There is nothing beyond your power to accomplish. Hence, we think that You will grant our wishes.


    Oh SundarabAhu! During Your avatAram as Raaman and KaNNan, You did accomplish many supernatural things:

      Bringing back to life of all the monkeys, which died in the war at LankA for You,
      Bringing back to life the son of a Brahmin, who had an untimely death due to the improper tapas of SambhUkan, who was a SUdran. You destroyed SambUkan and the dead boy woke up in AyodhyA as though from sleep (uttara RaamAyanam)
      During KrishNavatAram, You brought back the son of Your AcAryan sAndIpini after he had an untimely death,
      Traveling to VaikuNTham and bringing back the young sons of VaidIkar and returning them to their father at DvArakai, and
      Transforming the lump of coal in the garbham of abhimanyu’s wife back into a healthy child. Oh Lord of TirumAlirumcOlai! You did all these miraculous deeds during Your Raama-KrshNa avatArams.

    How is it therefore possible for You of such parAkramam not to respond positively to aDiyEn’s as well as my AcAryan’s pleas for Your help?


    Oh Lord who uttered “mA Suca:” in Your carama Slokam have removed the fears of so many like Your AcAryan during KrshNavatAram, when his son died prematurely. You brought that son back to life and performed many such miracles. With the ParAkramam of this stature, both aDiyEn and aDiyen’s AcAryan are confident that You will grant us our boon of sad samruddhi/SrIranga SrI: ca vardatAm (growth of VaishNava Kulam).

  • SlOkam 125:
  • S125

    AyodhyakAn sapaSukITatrNAmSca jantUn
    kinkarmaNo nu bata kIdrSavedanADhyAn |
    sAyujya labhya vibhavAn nija nityalokAn
    sAntAnikAn agamaya: vanaSailanAtha! ||

    KUresar is awe struck at the MahA kAruNyam of SrI Raamacandran, who granted residence at His sAntAnika lokam for all the four footed, worm, plants of AyodhyA at the time of His ascent to SrI VailkuNTham at the end of His rAmAvatAram. He expresses his wonder in this Slokam based on an incident described in uttara RaamAyaNam.


    Oh VanaSaila nAtha! You blessed all the residents of AyodhyA (the two footed, the four footed, the birds, the worms, the plants and all) to ascend to Your sAntAnika VaikunTha lokam at the time of Your own ascent to Your Supreme Abode. What karma, j~nAna yogams did they all do to qualify themselves to have that highest of honors? They had none of these qualifications and yet Your power permitted them to achieve the impossible. What a wonder!


    itihAsa purANams speak about aprAkrta lokams such as golokam, sAntAnikam, kArya SrI VaikuNTham besides the Lord’s own Supreme Abode of Paramapadam (SrI VaikuNTham) or sAyujya lokam. These kArya VaikuNTha lokams are said to be in the proximity of SrI VaikuNTham.

  • SlOkam 126:


harita vAraNa brtya samAhvayam
karigirau varada: tvam apUrvikAm |
drSam alambhaya eva hi sundara!
sphuTam adASca paraSSatam IdrSam ||

In this Slokam, Lord VaradarAjan’s restoration of the eye sight of Harita VaaraNa Brtyar, the grand father of Tirukkacchi nambi is referred to as an example of the power of the Lord. This incident happened at the time of Swamy ALavanthAr, whose sishyan was Tirukkacchi nambi.


Oh Sundara of TirumAlirumcOlai! At Kaancipuram, You transformed in to the boon granting Varadar and blessed harita vAraNa Bhrtyar eye sight that he never had (apUrvikAm drSam). He was blind from birth. You have thus clearly (sphuTam) fulfilled hundreds of wishes (paraSSatam) of Your devotees and performed many adbhutams. May Thou respond positively to aDiyEn’s prayer for the successful SrI sampradhAya sthApanam by AcArya RaamAnuja


The grandfather of Tirukkacchi nambi was Pacchai varNa PerumAL dAsar, who lived at dAsarathi PeTTai, next to Pooviruntavalli. The name of the EmperumAn at dAsarathi PeTTai is Harita vAraNar. YudhishTrar perfromed an yaj~nam here. EmperumAn gave His sevai to YudhishTrar in the form of a green elephant (harita vAraNar). Tirukkacchi nambi’s family were kaimkaryaparALs at Harita VaaraNar’s temple (harita vAraNa bhrtyALs). Lord VaradarAja brought the grand father of Tirukkacchi nambi to Kaanci and restored his eyes. That is the reason for one of the names of Lord VaradarAjan as “kacci tanil KaN KoDukkum PerumAL”. This legend is referred to here.


Oppiliappan KOil Sri Varadachari SaThakOpan Swami


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