Sri Sundarabahusthavam – 40

Kanchi divya dampatis serti
Kanchi divya dampatis serti
  • SlOkam 118:
  • S118

    hastiSailanilaya: bhavan bhavAn
    sAmpratam varadarAjasAhvaya: |
    ishTam artham anukampayA dadat
    viSvameva dayate hi sundara! ||

    This Slokam is about SundarabAhu offering His sevai as Lord Varadan with Perumdevi tAyAr at Kaanci. KUresar jumps from VanAdri in His mind’s eyes to Hastigiri.


    Sundara! You use Hastigiri as Your abode and stay there as Perumdevi sameta VaradarAjan and make the whole world, the object of Your grace and grant all the boons sought by Your ASritALs befitting Your name as “varam tarum maNi vaNNan”.


    KUresar states in this Slokam that SundarabAhu is seen as MahA Devi sameta VaradarAjan standing on top of Hastigiri as “varam tarum deivap-PerumAL” to the whole world (sundara! hastiSaila nilaya: tvam asi, tatra varadarAja sAhvaya: anukampayA bhavan ishTam artam sAmpratam viSvameva dayate). It is interesting to note that Lord VaradarAjan does not have Varada mudrai in His hand bur abhaya mudrai. AcAryAs point out in this context that abhaya pradhAna varam is the greatest boon of them all and hence not having Varada
    mudrai is understandable.

  • SlOkam 119:
  • S119

    madhye kshIrapayodhi SeshaSayane Seshe sadA sundara!
    tvam tat vaibhavam Atmana: bhuvi bhavat bhakteshu vAtsalyata: |
    viSrANya akhila netra patram iha san sahyot bhavAyA: taTe
    SrIrange nijadhAmni SeshaSayane Seshe vanAdrISvara! ||

    This Slokam is about the sevai of SundarabAhu as SrI RanganAthan. The root (mUlam) of all arcAvatArams is accepted as TiruppArkkaDal (which we can not see with our human eyes) and thereafter Srirangam and tiruvenkaTam in this PrAkrta lokam. KUresar extends this thought and states that SundarabAhu (Solaimalai Azhagar) is the One who is reclining at the Milky Ocean and in the island of Srirangam formed by the two rivers for all to come and worship His sacred feet.


    Oh the Lord Of VanAdri! Sundara! Thou rests always in the middle of Milky Ocean on Your divine bed of AdiSeshan (kshIra payodhi madhye Sesha Sayane tvam sadA Seshe). Your BhaktAs can not however readily see Your sevai as KshIrAbdhi nAthan with their human eyes. That sevai is reserved for nitya sUris and devAs. Oh Lord of such great fame! Out of Your vAtsalyam for the people of this BhU lokam, You become readily visible to all of them on the banks of Cauveri river as RangaSAyI at Your Tiruvaranga Tiruppati and shower Your anugrahams on them there.


    The Lord of TirumAlirumcOlai rests on His soft bed of AdiSeshan in the middle of the Milky ocean enjoying the kaimkaryams of His PirATTis and nitya sUris. While there, He can see and hear all His devotees in BhU maNDalam but they can not see Him or offer kaimkaryams to Him directly. Hence, He descends down to earth and stretches His snake bed in the island formed by the two rivers that originate from sahya parvatam so that every one can see Him with their fleshy eyes (mAmsa cakshus as opposed to j~nAna cakshus) and take in His Supreme beauty and in engage in the performance of hearty kaimkaryams to Him.

  • SlOkam 120:


kalkI bhavishyan kalikalkadUshitAn
dushTAn aSeshAn bhagavan! hanishyasi |
sa esha tasyAvasara: susundara!
praSAdhi lakshmISa! samakshameva na: ||

KUresar now focuses on the last avatAram of SundarabAhu that is yet to happen.


Oh Lord of MahA Lakshmi (lakshmISa)! Oh Lord with the six PradhAna GuNams (bhagavan)! Oh Solaimalai AzhagA (susundara)! On a future date, You are going to take the name of KalkI and mount a white horse and ride to destroy all ayogyAs and evil ones created by the advancement of Kali yugam. You are going to set the stage for the dawn of Krta yugam. Right now is an appropriate time for Your avatAram given the proliferation of all adharmams in this world. Please chastise all the dushTAs (like the coLA King, nAlUrAn) right before our eyes!


At the end of Kali yugam, EmperumAn is said to take the avatAram of KalkI at Sambala grAmam as the son of a Brahmin by name VishNu Yasas and remove the fears caused by mlecchAs (turushka yavanAdibhi: jagati jrmbhamANam bhayam). He would use His sword as the weapon, go to places where the dushTAs congregate and destroy them.


Oppiliappan KOil Sri Varadachari SaThakOpan Swami


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