Sri Sundarabahusthavam – 38


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  • SlOkam 112:
  • S112

    gUhita svamahimA api sundara!
    tvam vraje kim iti SakramAkramI: |
    saptatAtramadadhASca kim girim
    prcchata: ca suhrda: kim akrudha: ||

    The three questions relating to the lifting of the Govardhana hill to protect the cowherd families and the cattle from Indran’s fury are posed in this Slokam.


    Oh SundarabAhu! Long time ago, when You hid Your paratvam as sarveSvaran and stopped the Gokulam people from celebrating the usual Bhogi day festival to celebrate Indra, what was the reason? Why did You ask them to stop it? At that time, You lifted the Govardhana hill and held it as an umbrella to protect the people and their cattle from the fury of Indra, who sent rain in the form of stones. You held that unusual umbrella for seven long days?Why did You hold it for such a long time? Why did You get angry with Your friends witnessing this atimAnusha lIlA, when they asked whether You are a devan to accomplish such an extraordinary feat?


    The answers to the three questions by KUresar are:

      There was no reason to propitiate Indran, when the Lord Himself was there as sarva karma samArAdhyan. Otherwise, it will be devatAntara ArAdhanam. Lord has said in this context: “I am the acceptor/consumer of all Havis from yaj~nAs, tapas as sarvaloka maheSvaran. Please recognize Me as the friend and well wisher of every one and attain tranquility “.
      When the feast for Indran was stopped at the suggestion of KrshNa, Indran rained torrents of stones (kal mazhai) to harm AypADi. KrshNa uplifted the Govardhana Giri and held it with His little finger over the people and animals of AypADi and protected them from the wrath of Indran. The answer to the question “Why did You hold that Giri for seven long days?” Is it to teach a lesson to the haughty Indran that his assumptions about KrshNa getting tired and that He would have to put down the Giri quickly. KrshNa was ready to hold it as long as it was necessary for Indran’s ahambhAvam to be destroyed.
      The third question was about the Lord getting angry, when friends of AypADi asked Him, whether He was a devA to perform such a stupendous act. KrshNa got angry because the answer to their question would counter all the efforts that He took to hide His Paratvam.
  • SlOkam 113:
  • S113

    he nandanandana! Susundara! sundarAhva!
    vrndAvane viharata: tava vallavIbhi: |
    veNudhvani SravaNata: tarubhi: tadA vai
    sagrAvabhi: jatu vilAyam aho! vililye ||

    The power of the VeNu dhvani (Flute nAdam) of the Lord at brndAvanam is recalled in this Slokam.


    Oh most beautiful SundarabAhu (susundara)! Oh Lord who incarnated as the son of Nandagopan with the name of Azhagar (nanda nandana sundrAhva)! When You were at the tuLasI vanam named BrndAvanam, You were playing Your divine flute, while sporting with the young cowherdesses. The delectable nAdam form Your flute made the stones and the trees melt like wax under fire (aho! tava veNu dvani SravaNata: sagrAvabhi: tarubhi: jatu vilAyam vililye). What a wonder!


    In PeriyAzhvAr Tirumozhi 3.6.10, PeriyAzhvAr describes at great length the impact of the delectable veNu nAdam of the Lord as He played on His flute at BrndAvanam:

    கருங்கண் தோகை மயிற்பீலி அணிந்து,
    கட்டி நன்கு உடுத்த பீதக ஆடை
    அருங்கல உருவில் ஆயர் பெருமான்
    அவனொருவன் குழல் ஊதின போது,
    மரங்கள் நின்று மது தாரைகள் பாயும்;
    மலர்கள் வீழும்; வளர் கொம்புகள் தாழும்;
    இரங்கும்; கூம்பும்; திருமால் நின்ற நின்ற
    பக்கம் நோக்கி அவை பெய்யும் குணமே!

    His nectarine music melted the stones and trees. LeelA Sukhar’s KrshNa KarNAmrta Slokams on the Lord’s VeNu ghAnam are most moving to experience.

  • SlOkam 114:


gAyam gAyam vanagiripate! tvam hi brndAvanAnta:
gopIsanghai: viharasi yadA sundara! vyUDhabAho |
rASArambha utsava bahuvidha prema sImantinInAm
cetaSceta: tava ca tu tada kAm daSAmanvabhUtAm ||

KUresar wonders about the collective bliss experienced by the Gopis and the Lord as they performed the rAsa krIDai on the banks of YamunA river during moonlit nights. KUresar wishes that he were there as one of the gopis to dance with the Lord and share that divine anubhavam.


Oh Lord of TirumalirumcOlai (vanagiri pate)! Oh Lord of mighty shoulders (sundara vyUDa bAho)! When You were at the middle of BrudAvanam (brndAvanAnta:), You were singing frequently (gAyam gAyam) and sported with the young Gopis (tvam gopIsanghai: yadA viharasi hi), then the rAsa krIDai utsavam commenced. Both the gopi janam’s hearts and Yours would have been filled with many kinds of SrngAra anubhavams at that time. aDiyEn wonders what blissful states Your minds were in during the rAsa krIDai.


Oppiliappan KOil Sri Varadachari SaThakOpan Swami


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