Sri Sundarabahusthavam – 36



  • SlOkam 106:
  • S106

    raghukulatilaka! tvam jAtucit yAtudhAnacchala
    mrga mrgayAyAm samprasakta: purA abhU: |
    tadupajanita khedacchedanAya adya gAyan
    madhukara tarushaNDam rajyase kim vanAdrim? ||

    In the 104th Slokam, KUresar talked about the hunting of MaarIcan as one of the reasons for the choice of VanAdri as a place of rest for the Lord. Here KUresar advances another reason.


    Raghukula tilaka ! Sundara! At one time long ago, You were actively engaged in hunting the stealthy animals like RaavaNan (purA tvam…..yAtudAna-cchala mrga mrgayAyAm samprasakta:). That probably led you to choose TirumAlirumcOlai with verdant trees and singing bees as a place of residence during Your arcAvatAram now.


    Our Lord hunted down animals like RaavaNan during His Vibhava avatAram. He got fatigued and He looked for a pleasant, peaceful place to rest during His arcAvatAram to chase away His fatigue from all those hunting efforts during RaamAvatAram. He chose the verdant hills of TirumAlirumcOlai as His place of residence, where the bees perform Hari nAma sankIrtanam always (tadupajanita khedac chedanAya adya gAyan madhukara tarushaNDam vanAdhrim kim rajyase?).

  • SlOkam 107:
  • S107

    he sundara ekatara janmani krshNabhAve
    dve mAtarau ca pitarau ca kule api dve |
    eka kshaNAt anugrahItavata: phalam te
    nILA kulena sadrSI kila rukmiNI ca ||

    In this Slokam, KUresar poses a question about the reasons for the Lord
    having two mothers and fathers during KrshNAvatAram and answers it.


    Oh SundarabAhu! When You incarnated as KrshNan, You had Devaki as Your birth mother and YaSodA as Your other mother as You moved from the city of Mathura to Gokulam (AypADi) in the middle of the night with Your birth parent Vasudevar carried You on His head across the parting YamunA river to cowherd King Nandagopan’s house. Thus You had two parents (oruttti makanAy piRantu Oriravil orutti makanAy vaLara). You became Devaki Nandanan and YaSodA Nandanan. Thus You blessed both Vamsams in a second (dve kule api eka kshaNAt anugruhItavata:). The two vamsams are the Yadhu Kulam (Royal kulam) and Cowherd Kulam (Ayar Kulam). It appears that your intention in adopting two sets of parents from different kulams was to acquire most beautiful and fitting brides from both kulams: RukmiNI from the Royal kulam and Nappinnai from the Ayar kulam (te kulena sadrSI nILA, kulena sadrSI rukmiNI ca phalam kila).


    Nappinnai is the daughter of Kumbhan, the brother of YaSodA. Kumbhan set up rules for anyone to compete for the hand of his daughter (viz.), the control and conquest of seven fierce bulls in his staple. On a mATTu Pongal day after makara sankarAnti, KrshNan entered the contest and subjugated the seven bulls and earned the hand of Nappinnai as Ayar Kula bride. Mancu viraTTu, JallikkaTTu and KompaDakkal celebrations of today are linked to that original feat of KrshNa. RukmiNI was abducted by KrshNa after receiving Her plea to take Her away and the Lord took her to DvArakA and married Her as the bride from the royal vamsam.

  • SlOkam 108:


tvam hi sundara! yathA stanandhaya:
pUtanA stanam adhA: tathA nu kim |
jIrNam eva jaThare payovisham
durjaram vada tadAtmanA saha ||

Here, the lIlA of bAla GopAlan (pUtanA samhAra vrttAntam) is covered. PUtanai was a demoness sent by Kamsan. She took on the guise of a beautiful young woman and gave her poisonous breast milk to the child, KrshNa. As He sucked away her breast milk, He also sucked away her life also. KrshNa was an infant at the crawling stage and she was a pEy (ghoul) with evil intention. He drank her milk, digested it and also gave her moksham through sambandham with Him (vishamapi amrtam kvacit bhavet amrtam vA visham ISvara icchayA). amrtam here stands for moksham. She offered visham. He took it in, digested it and in return blessed her with Moksham.


Sundara! What happened when You as an infant accepted the offered breast milk of pUtanA and sucked that poisonous milk and digested that poison and consumed her prANan also at the same time ? How did You manage to digest that powerful, impossible to digest poisonous milk (durjaram pUtanA stana payo visham)? Please tell!


Swamy Desikan sums this wonderous incident beautifully:

stanyena krshNa: saha pUtanAyA:
prANAn papau lubtapunarbhavAya: |
yadadbhutam bhavayatAm janAnAm
stananatayatvam na punarbabhUva ||

She was blessed to reach Moksham and freedom from reentry into the samsAric world (na purAvartate).


Oppiliappan KOil Sri Varadachari SaThakOpan Swami


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