Sri Anandavali Thayar Vikasi Velli Kizhamai Purapadu at Uthiramerur


Velli kizhamai purapadu for Sri Anandavali Thayar at Uthiramerur, took place yesterday (May 31,2013), being a Friday. The following are some of the photographs taken during the purappadu yesterday…

Courtesy: Sri Srivatson

About the temple:

Located about 85kms South West of Chennai is the 1300 year old three tiered Sundara Varadar temple in UthiraMerur. It is believed that UthiraMerur was gifted to 1200 Vedic Vaishnavite Brahmin Scholars in the 8th Century AD by Nandi Varma Pallava who also built the Sundara Varadar temple. Clearly, a lot of focus was laid on Vedic Education during that period with this village being a hub of Vedic Learning. Hence, Uthira Merur was also referred to as ‘Chaturvedi Mangalam’, a place where one could hear the recital of the four Vedas all the time.

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