Pudukottai Sri Venkatachalapathi Perumal Temple Samprokshanam


Samprokshanam (Kumbabhishekam) took place at Sri Bhoomi Sametha Sri Venkathachalapthi Swami temple, Pudukottai near Thiruthangal earlier this week.

The following are some of the photographs taken during the Samprokshanam…

 Courtesy: Sri Vinoth Swami

About the temple:

Sri Bhoomi Sametha Sri Venkathachalapthi swami temple is located at Pudukottai near Thiruthangal. The temple has been built during the period of Pandiya kings. One can see the symbol of Pandya’s in the roof even now. This village is the maaniyam for the kaingarya swamigal of Thiruthangal and Srivilliputhur Divya Desams and hence the temple has been built as a symbol of the maaniyam by the Pandiya kings.

A beautiful vigraham of Sri Navaneetha Krishnar on Seshan mesmerizes the devotees. He is a Santhana abhivruththi Krishnar. A vighraham of Sri Ramanujachariar is also found in this temple.

Purattasi sani vaaram, Thiruvonam special thirumanjanam, Aadi amavasyai and purattasi last saturday theebasthamba utsavams are celebrated.

How to reach there?

From Thriuththangal divyadesam it takes 30 minutes towards west. From virudhunagar can reach there via Erichanaththam. Share autos are available from Erichanaththam.


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