Sri Sundarabahusthavam – 22



  • SlOkam 64:
  • S64

    ete te bata! sundarAhvayajusha: pAdAravinde Subhe
    yannirNeja samutthita tripathAgA srotastu kincit kila |
    dhatte asau SirasA dhruva: tadaparam sroto bhavAnIpati:
    yasyAsya alakanandiketi nijagu: nAmaivam anvarthakam ||

    This Slokam is in celebration of GangAvataraNam from the Lord’s sacred feet.


    EmperumAn’s tiruvaDis were bathed as tirumanjanam and the waters associated with that offering by BrahmA flowed to Devalokam, BhUlokam and the nether world (pAtALa lokam). A small sub-stream from the above is held with reverence by Dhruvan on his head. Dhruvan, who was blessed with Sriman nArayaNa’s Sankha sparsam is the power behind the movement of the jyoti Cakram from Dhruva MaNDalam. Another sub-stream flowed towards Sivan and He holds it in His matted locks. That one borne on the head of Sivan is called AlakanandA (One who is happy with the residence on the head of Sivan) by Maharshis aptly. Such is the glory of the Lotus feet of the Lord from where GangA originated.


    During the time of TrivikramAvatAram, the Lord grew up and up and His feet reached Satya lokam of Brahma Devan, who latter performed tirumanjanam for the sacred feet with His dharmam as abhisheka tIrtham. GangA flowed in seven streams from there. One came down in response to the penance of BhagIratan to BhU MaNDalam. In between, it crossed the milky way and reached dhruva maNDalam and there it helped Dhruvan to administer the rotation of the jyoti cakram. The next stop was candra MaNDalam as nectarine flow and thereafter, it reached sUrya MaNDalam to reduce the intensity of the heat of sUryan. From sUrya MaNDalam, GangA flowed on to Meru Mountain and a small stream from there landed on Lord Sivan’s matted locks and purified Him. Swamy Desikan describes the multistage journey of GangA river in one of the Slokams of his SrI dehaLIsa stuti.

  • SlOkam 65:
  • S65

    AmnAya kalpalatikottha sugandhi pushpam
    yogIndra hArda sarasiruha rAjahamsam |
    utpakva dharma sahakAra phala prakANDam
    vandeya sundarabujasya padAravindam ||

    This Slokam offers its salutation to the sacred feet of the Lord of TirumAlirumcOlai.


    Our Lord’s feet have the fragrance of a flower from the KaRpaka creeper. They are like the King Swan (rAja hamsam) residing in the heart lotuses of ParAnkuSa, ParakAla Yogis. They are like the tasty fruits from the Mango trees manifesting as our dharmAs. May aDiyEn be blessed to offer my worship to these sacred feet!

  • SlOkam 66:


susundarasyAsya tu vAmanAkrte:
krama traya prArthini mAnase kila |
ime pade tAvat iha asahishNunI
vicakramAte trijagat padadvaye ||

This Slokam includes another anubhavam about the sacred feet of the Lord.


During His VaamanAvatAram, SrI MaalalankArar took the form of a dwarf and went to MahA Bali’s yaj~na sAlai to seek three measures of His feet as dAnam (krama traya prArthini). His sacred feet got offended at the gesture of the Lord, who is the owner of the whole universe seeking dAnam of His own property from a nIcan like MahA Bali, who caused so much harm to the DevAs. The offended sacred feet grew therefore and measured the whole world with two steps (tAvat pada dvaye trijagat vicakramAte). They wondered as to where was the next step for measurement and BhagavAn out of His compassion for MahA Bali placed that third step on his head and pushed him down to the nether world.



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