Sri Sundarabahusthavam – 21


001_Sesha Vahanam Chembur Narasimha Jayanthi

  • SlOkam 61:
  • S61

    adhomukham nyasta padAravindayo:
    udancitodAttasunAla sannibhe |
    vilankghya janghe kva nu ramhata: drSau
    vanAdrinAthasya susundarasya me ||

    Here KUresar declares that his eyes can not remove its gaze from the beauty of the ankles of the Lord.


    The Lord has deep affection for His place of residence, TirumAlirumcOlai mountain. He wants to hug it and hold it with affection and hence uses His ankles having the shape of two inverted lotuses to express His love and celebrates them this way. The greatness of the knees of the Lord and their darSana saubhAgyam blesses us with the cessation of being born again in this samsAric bhUmi (janghAm drshTvA janana-padavI-jAnghikatvam jahAti). Similar thought about the divine ankles of the Lord has been expressed in the 58th Slokam of Sri VaradarAja stavam.

  • SlOkam 62:
  • S62

    susundarasyAsya padAravinde
    padAravindAdhika saukumArye |
    ata: anyathA te bibhryAt katham nu
    tadAsanam nAma sahasrapatram ||

    This Slokam focuses on the AdhAra padmam on which Lord SundararAjan is standing upon.


    Our Lord is eulogized as “taN tAmarai sumakkum pAda perumAn” — TiruvAimozhi: 4.5.8. KUresar points out that the lotus feet of the Lord is softer than those of the AdhAra padmam on which He is standing. If the feet of the Lord were not softer than the petals of the AdhAra padmam, KUresar asks how latter could support the former. It is said that two people enter into contest and agree that the loser will carry the winner on his head. In the case of the Lord’s feet and the AdhAra padmam, the latter lost out and as a result is carrying the Lord’s lotus feet on top of it. KUrEsar elaborates on this theme in the next Slokam.

  • SlOkam 63:


saundaryam Ardava sugandharasa pravAhai:
ete hi sundarabhujasya padAravinde |
ambhoja Dambha parirambhaNam abhyajaishTAm
tad vai parAjitam ime SirasA bibharti ||


EmperumAn’s lotus feet has unparalleled softness and beauty (niradisaya sukha sparsam). It has divine fragrance of the VedAs (sarva gandha:) and exhudes honey (vishNo: pade parame madhva utsa:). It is an uneven competition for the Lotus, which lives a short life and produces little honey. The Lotus looses in this competition with the Lord’s lotus feet and as a loser, it carries the winner’s feet on its head always.



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