Sri Sundarabahusthavam – 20



  • SlOkam 58:
  • S58

    sundarasya kila sundarabAho: SrImahAtaru vanAcala bhartu: |
    hanta:! yatra nivasanti jaganti prApitakraSima tat tanumadhyam ||

    In this Slokam, the slender waist of the Lord is saluted by KUresar.


    Sri SundarabAhu is the Lord of TirumAlirumcOlai adorned by huge trees (SrI mahAtaru vanAcala bhartu:). The entire universe, which is gigantic in size finds its protection inside the waist (stomach) of the Lord (sundarabAho: sundarasya yatra jaganti nivasanti). In spite of holding such huge mass inside His stomach, this region of the Lord’s body looks slender instead of looking swollen. What a surprise! Slender waist is a lakshaNam of a MahA Purushan.

  • SlOkam 59:
  • S59

    pishTa dushTa madhukaiTabha kITau
    hastihasta yugalAbha suvrttau |
    rAjata: kramakrSau ca sadUrU
    sundarasya vanabhUdhara bhartu: ||

    In this Slokam, KUresar enjoys the Vaibhavam of the thighs of the Lord.


    The two beautiful thighs of Lord SundarabAhu are like the trunk of an elephant, which is thick at the top and more slender at the bottom. The Lord’s thighs are round in shape and are the places of pulverization of the worm-like asurA-s, Madhu and KaiTabhan. The purAnams state that the Lord took SrI HayagrIva avatAram in response to the cry of Brahma devan from whom the VedAs were stolen by Madhu and KaiTaban. Our Lord chased them down, placed them between His thighs and crushed them to death. He recovered the Vedams from them and gave them back to BrahmA so that He can recommence the interrupted srshTi kAryam.

  • SlOkam 60:


yauvana vrshakakudot bhedanibham nitarAm
bhAti vibho: ubhayam jAnu Subhakrtikam |
sundarabhujanAmna: mandara mathita abdhe:
candanavana vilasat kandara vrshabhapate: ||

Here, KUresar enjoys the beauty of the Lord’s knees.


Our Lord of Vrshabha Malai (Solai Malai) with its mountain streams and sandalwood tree forests is the One, who churned the Milky Ocean with Mandara Mountain as a churning rod (mandara mathita abdhe:, candana vana vilasat kandara vrshabha pate: sundarabhuja nAmna: vibho:). Our SundarabAhu’s auspicious TirumEni (Subha Akrti) has a pair of knees, which reminds one of the youthful bull with its prominet hump on its back.



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