Kannadi Arai Inauguration at New Delhi Sri Venkateswara Mandir


A new Kannadi Arai was inaugurated at New Delhi Sri Venkateswara Mandir on May 6, 2013 in a grand manner. The following are some of the photographs taken during the utsavam…

Photo Courtesy: Sri Villiampakkam Krishna Ranga Rajan

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  1. adiyEn feels the Lord’s grace in having the opportunity to have the Darshan of the Kannadi Arai Utsavam in Sri Venkateswara Mandir New Delhi where adiyEn had the opportunity of serving for several years.

  2. It gives adiyen great pleasure to see the kannadiarai and the archaka swami and other devotees. Having lived for more than 20 years in Delhi the growth of the temple gives immense satisfaction.

  3. Seen Kannadi Arai inauguration photos. It is all very nice to see Srivaishnava devotees active interest in the development of the temple.
    It would have been better the srivaishnavas lifting the Perumal and Acharyan , wearing the dhothi or atease without the shirts. I know these are very old and devoted people But we ho have our cherished traditions and our elders have laid some rules and regulations. It is our duty to follow them strictly. It was not difficult in summer months in Delhi to remove the shirt and when you know you are coming to temple occasion purposely, why not wearing veshti.
    Trust concerned commitee members will take positive note of this and observe atlease some minimum compliance of traditional observations.


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