Thiruppullani Theerthavari


Theerthavari for Perumal has been conducted at Thiruppullani. On the occasion Perumal went to Sethukkarai.

Courtesy: Sri T.Raguveeradayal Swami


  1. the great oceans depict the immense depth, unbounded vastness and profoundness of indomitably uniqueness which surmounts every thing around and makes us feel the smallest of smallness before it. RANGANAADHA IS AN EMBODIMENT OF UNCOUNTABLE OCEANS AND UNIMAGINABLE VASTNESS AND THE LORD IS WITHIN AND WITHOUT. The divine imagination is virtually brought before the eyes LIVE,SERENE OVERPOWERING THE SENSES AND SUBLIME WITH HUMAN SOLVATION. THE PURPOSE OF LIFE IS ACCOMPLISHED BY MERE INDULGENCE IN SUCH AN EMACIATING LUXURIOUS EXPERIENCE OF LORD’S SERVICE. We have seen the feet that occupied all the three lokas, we have seen the BLISSFUL PARAMA KRUPAAMUDRAAS OF SWAAMIN, we have seen the bhaagavataas and KAINKARYAM. We are drenched to soul with the theertha and prasaada. WE PRAY YOU, OTHERS, PRAPANNAAS AND BE WITH THE LOTUS FEET OF LORD RANGANAADHAA. We are blessed with the dayaa samudraa karuNaantharanga,anantha advitheeya. How lucky and blessed are we…………………naaraayanaa and family with shaalinee,vaishnavee,and bullu.,vyshampaa tirunaal,vidisaa tirunaal and lakshmi amman……………….


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