Sri Vedanta Desika Vaibhava Prakasika – Tamil Vyakkyaanam by Sri U Ve Dr. P.V. Sadagopatatacharya Swami


Sri CholaSimmapuram Dhoddacharya Swami also known as MahAcArya, is one of the great acharyas of 16th century and a contemporary of Upanishad BhAshyakaara (SrI RangarAmAnuja Muni) and the Panca Matha bhanga TatAcArya. This Mahacharya showed the actual meaning of what Na Deivam Desikaat Param stands for. Swami’s Bhakthi towards to Srimad Vedanta Desika is unmatched and this is evident from the granthas composed by Him.

This swami has composed many works and the most remarkable is the vyakkyaanam for Sathadhushani named Chandamaarutham. This swami has written another beautiful work called “Sri Vedanta Desika Vaibava Prakasika”.

The beauty of the grantham (Sri Vedanta Desika Vaibava Prakasika) is the way Doddacharya swami enjoyed the kalyana gunas of Swami Desikan and did saranagathi to our Thoopul vandha sothi. Mahacharya swami in this grantham has referred Desikan with 66+ different titles.

This grantham contains 166 slokas where the vaibhavam of swami desikan is narrated along with His kalyana gunas and naturally ends up in saranagathi towards Desikan.

Sri U Ve Dr. PV Sadagopatatacharya swami of Thoopul Sannidhi has recently published (Nandana Purattaasi Sravanam 26-09-2012) a beautiful work translating Mahacharyaa’s Sri Vedanta Desika VaibhavaPrakasika in Tamil.

This work caters all category of aasteekaas….

– For a Novice, this work shows the divyacharithram of swami desikan with swami’s paripoorana vaishnava lakshanam and gunas (nyanam, vairagyam, dayai etc)
– For a Desika Bhaktha, this work shows various kalyana gunas and ways in which doddacharya did saranagathi and mangalaasaasanam to Desika
– For a Scholar, the ways doddacharya swami used samskrit (usage of language) to portray Desika’s gunas and other indepth aspects of swami’s granthams, swami’s avataaramahimai are well evident.
– Even for a dweshi, this book is a last resort to get into desika bhakthi and get the kaarunyam of Baghavan.

Sri PVS Swami’s vyakkyaanam is exemplary and simply beautiful. Especially the introduction part where swami has shown a lot of vaibhavams of Desikan by portraying various works composed by both Desika as well as his parama bhakthas.

Also the book contains beautiful photos of Swami Desikan especially the last page contains the serthi of Desikan with DivyaDhampathis of Kanchi.

Price per book: Rs.100/- (every copy purchased, the amount goes to Sri Thoopul Sannidhi Nityakaimkaryam)

Books can be had from

Sri V.P.T.V Kainkarya Trust
8-B, Sannidhi Street,
Kancheepuram – 631501

Courtesy: Sri VS Pradip Swami



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