Perumal Kovil Anushtanakula Uthsavam


Astikas marched along with Emperuman and Emperumanar from sAla kinar in Sevelimedu Village to Thoopul Swami Desikan sannidhi yesterday the 4th of January 2013 on the eve of Anushtaanakula utsavam. 

Some of the photos taken during the utsavam can be enjoyed below. More photos to be updated tomorrow














Photos Thanks to: Sri Nallappa Bharathwaj swamy and Sri Kesava Bashyam, Writeup: Thanks to sriradhekrishna blog


  1. dasan,
    “It was a wonderful sight in thoopul with Perumal in centre and two acharyas (Swami Ramanuja and Swami Desikan) on either side of Him. ”
    ya. but why not published the same photo? srithooppul visiting photo.
    i thing who shooted photo, he may be sri desika dweshi, so not captured swamy desikan with god.

    • It was given in presence of Emperumanar, Pancha Mutra Honour given to Desikar, But not to Emperumanar. But, in your statement You mentioned “Desika Dweshi”. It is not Desika Dwesham, it is “Emperumanar Dwesham”

      • sir, first mentioned as incident is not happen, second mentioned as emperumanar dwesham, plz tell which is correct.sribhashyakarar has paramahamsaparivrajakar, swamy desikan has sarvatantraswatantra, so it is emperumanar dwesham? good acharya bhakty, i think by sri desika dwesham he lost his mind.plz b cool,


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