Sri Aamaruviappan Therazhandur


Therazhandur (ThiruVazhandur), a Krishnaranya Kshetram, is situated 11kms West of Mayavaram.A tall and handsome 12 feet Lord DevathiRajan is flanked on his right by Prahalad and on his left by Garuda.

Krishnaranya Kshetram- The story of Krishna coming here to Thiru Vazhandur

Once Brahmma took away the herd of cows which were grazing around in Gokulam while Krishna was having bath on the banks of Yamuna, and brought them to Therazhandur. Krishna came back and through his powers found out what had happened. Instantly, he created the same number of cows at Gokulam.

Realising his folly, Brahmma approached Krishna and requested him to give darshan at Therazhandur. Accepting his request, Krishna appears as Aamaruviyappan (Gosakan in Sanskrit) in his ‘divine form’ along with a cow by the side of his back and a calf in front of him, a beautiful sight that one is not witness to in any of the other Krishnaranya Divya Desam Kshetram. This is a speciality of this Krishnaranya Kshetram.

The other Krishnaranya Kshetrams are Thiru Kannangudi, Kapisthalam, Thiru Kannapuram and Thiru Kannamangai.


King Ubarisaravasu had the power to fly, courtesy a boon he had received. With this, he had become arrogant and incurred the wrath of the rishis, whose curse resulted in the chariot coming crashing down into this place .

Another story goes that Lord Krishna’s cows were destroyed when King Ubarisaravasu’s chariot’s shadow fell on them (It is believed that Ubarisaravasu had obtained this quite special boon that anyone on whom his chariot’s shadow falls would get into trouble). Wanting to teach the king a lesson, Krishna pierced the chariot to prevent the chariot from flying any further. The Chariot came thudding down into this place and got stuck here.

Hence, the name Therazhandur (Ther= Chariot)

A Unique Feature- Garuda alongside Lord DevathiRajan

Indra once presented Garuda a gold ornament and a vimanam. It is said that Garuda gave the Vimanam at this temple at Thiru Vazhandur( the Gold ornament was given to Thiru Narayanan at Melkote near Mysore). Happy at this gesture of Garuda, the Lord accorded him a special status at this temple with a position alongside him at the sanctum sanctorum, a unique feature at a Divya Desam. Normally one finds Garuda opposite the Lord but here he is seen next to the Lord Himself.

Prahalad wants a ‘softer’ darshan!!!

Prahalad who had seen an aggressive and angry Lord Vishnu killing Hiranyakashipu in his Narasimha Avataar undertook penance here wanting to see a softer, quieter version of the Lord. Legend has it that the Lord gave darshan to Prahalad here in his not so ‘angry form’. One finds Prahalad alongside DevathiRajan, another unique feature.

Cauvery’s Penance at Therazhandur

Cauvery undertook penance here at Therazhandur to get liberated from the curse of Sage Agasthiya.

Birth Place of the Great Tamil Poet Kamban

This is the birth place of the famous Tamil poet Kamban ( Kamban wrote the Ramayana in Tamil). There is a separate sannidhi for Kamban at this temple. The place where Kamban resided, on the Sannidhi street, has now been turned into a beautiful new ‘Kamban Mandapam’.

It is believed that this was the place where Sage Markandeya performed penance here to get Moksham.

Quick Facts

Perumal : Devathi Rajan Grand Standing Posture, East Facing Utsavar : Aamariviyappan (Gosakan)
Thayar : Sengamala Valli (Separate Sannidhi)
Mangalasaasanam: Thirumangai Azhvaar – 45 Paasurams(1588-1627,1854,2066,2077,2673-2674)
Festivals : Vaikasi Brahmotsavam, Chitrai Raamar Utsavam
Temple Timing : 730am-12noon and 5pm-830pm

Bus : From Mayavaram, take bus going to Kumbakonam, get down at Komal Road stop( 9 kms from Mayavaram). Take another bus to Ther Ezhendur ( 2kms from there)Bus Nos. 10A, 10B, 10C ply directly from Mayavaram to Ther Ezhendur. There is also a direct bus (No. 33) from Kumbakonam

Auto is available from Komal Road bus stop.

Nearest Rail Head : Kutralam Railway Station on the Kumbakonam-Mayavaram route is about 4 kms from here. (There was a railway station for Ther Ezhendur before but does not exist now)

Source: Sri Prabhu


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