Saligrama Mahimai – 07 (Sacred Facts about Saligrama – 07 )

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Please note these are originally posted by Thiru Murali Battar who is Archakar @ Srirangam Temple & with the help of Shri Raja Desikan its been translated into English too. I am just sharing the information to the users part of this group.Kindly revert for clarifications.
Saligrama Mahimai – 7 (Sacred Facts about Saligrama – 7 )
Until the period where Nepal was ruled by the KING, all the Saligramas belonged to the Palace only. If some Brahmins wished to take Saligramas, they can get the same from Kandaki River. But with one condition that the Saligrama should not fall off from their hand..! We were not aware if there can be someone who had this seen. But a note from an Englishman, Hutson, refers that he has witnessed this.
A rare and divine Saligrama means it will float in the water. In fact some of them may also swim in the water. These are very rare. This is scared, as LORD VISHNU is manifested in it. A person who possesses this type of Saligrama is considered to be of good soul from the past births.
Some of the Saligrama will be filled with Water. Those will be of more black in color and shining. These will be cool when handled. These are divine and priceless. The houses and Temple where such Saligrama is housed is considered to be Divine. Kandaki Devatha is residing in these Saligrama. VajraKeedam is also residing in it. Such Saligrama is also called as “Jalaja”.
Most of the Saligrama we worship are hard in nature. These have inscriptions and forms of LORD VISHNU.  These are called as Sthalaja.
The Sathalaja Saligramas are classified into two:
Mattha – Condensed and hard. Little low in Polish. Looks green in color. Will have Lakshana (Divine Forms)
Kesara – Clustered with many Formations of Thread like carvings. Will be less in weight. Will float in Water. High adorable.
Superior Saligrama, if kept in Milk or Rice Bowl for certain period, will gain weight. These types of Saligramas are more pure and divine.
Till now we have exchanged information about the benefits of worshipping Saligrama, information about Saligrama as described in Puranas, classifications of Saligramas.
 Now on, let us see how to identify a Saligrama Moorthy from its Lakshana (Formations).
KarthamaPrajapathi and Devahuthi had 2 sons named Jayan and Vijayan. They followed all dharmas and were mutually co-operative to each other. They were worshipping LORD VISHNU daily. In this period, their King, Maruthan, decided to perform a Yaga. Both Jayan and Vijayan were invited for the Yaga. Jayan presided over the Yaga in the place of Bhrama and Vijayan performed the Yaga well. Marthan was happy on the completion of the Yaga and hence honored both of them with more wealth. On returning back home, while they were trying to partition the wealth given, there was a clash broke out. (Even today we can see the same Scenarios in many houses ..!) While the Elder told to divide the entire wealth, the younger argued to keep the portion of the wealth as it is as awarded to them by the King. Jayan cursed “Since you are so greedy, you will be born as a Crocodile”. Vijayan re-cursed “Since you are talking like a mad elephant, you will be born as an Elephant”.
Because of these Curses, Jayan was born as an Elephant named Gajendra. Vijayan was born as a Crocodile and was living in a pond near Kandaki River. Even after taking this birth, both of them were still worshipping LORD VISHNU daily. One day when Gajendra went to the pond to pluck a Lotus Flower, the Crocodile caught hold of Gajendra’s leg with its sharp teeth. Gajendra started pleading in loud voice for help to the God. LORD VISHNU who came immediately on the spot killed the Crocodile with his Chakra. Both Gajendra and the Crocodile attained Moksha. Because of the Lord’s Chakra’s was being showered on the rocks, all the rocks got the impression of Lord’s Chakra.
This is called as the Dwaraka Sila.
The place where this story held was called as Hari Kshetra.
The Pond was called as Chakra Theertham.
Since the trees in the mountain around were called a Sala Trees, the place was also called as Saligramam. Devas were born in the mortal remains of Elephant Gajendra and the Crocodile as VajraKeedam. Kandaki was born the River. Thus Saligrama was formed.
Hence as per Saligrama Mahimai, Saligrama was the place were exactly Gajendra Moksha was held.
Those worship Saligrama and Dwaraka Sila will attain the Lotus Feet of LORD VISHNU.
to be continued…
Courtesy –Saranya Vs


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