Nandhana year Margazhi Camp (Dec25 to Jan01) at Srirangam for age group 4-15


Margazhi (Margaseersha) is a special month for Sri Vaishnavas for it has been greatly celebrated by our Purvacharyas. It was during this month, the cowherd women (Ayargal) of Vrindavan performed vratham to attain Krishna which was later adopted by Sri Andal which gave birth to the excellent treatise called Thiruppavai. The essence of Thiruppavai can summarized as “gathering Adiyars and visiting Emperumaan to seek Kainkaryam from Him and ever be involved in it”. This was Andal’s request even as a young girl child which has surpassed the actions of all other Azhwars!

Indeed that is the age to inculcate Bhakthi and Kainkaryam. It is at that tender age, Dhruvan got the vision of Emperumaan whose abode was undisclosed even to Indra and Brahma. Emperumaan showed mercy for His young devotee Prahalada and manifested in the form of Nrusimha to save Prahalada and bestow His grace on him. These young icons are role models for all other children in this world.

Srimaan Trust, in keeping up with its rich tradition of moulding children into role models who will uphold and propagate Vedic values and culture in the future, is organizing a week-long Spiritual Winter Camp from December 25 to January 1 in Srirangam.

The camp will be similar to the spiritual summer camp organized earlier in the year where nearly 120 children between the ages of 4-15 participated and enjoyed divine bliss for 10 days. This winter camp is more special since it occurs in the month of Margazhi, which is the purest of all months, as professed by Sri Krishna himself in the Geetha.

With the divine sounds of Andal’s Thiruppavai vibrating across Srirangam and other temple towns, it is no surprise that this year’s camp theme is Thiruppavai itself.

About 100 students are expected to participate in this camp. About 10-15 volunteer faculty and 10 more volunteers will run this camp. The students will be split into groups of 3-4 and each group will immerse themselves in one pasuram from Thiruppavai and at the end of the camp, they will have the most indepth knowledge of the pasurams based on the explanations given by our Purvacharyas. In addition, the students will be involved in various activities such as

●     Learning Thiruppavai and Goda Chatussloki by heart
●     Creating models on select Thiruppavai pasuram stories
●     Spiritual worksheets, drawing, coloring
●     Making flower garlands, kolams, learning recipes
●     Oratorical and dance presentations
●     Spiritual plays
●     Field trip and many more

Srimaan Trust provides this wonderful camp experience for free. In addition, the trust also provides free food and accommodation to outstation children, faculty and volunteers. No amount of monetary support can measure up to the values that the children will inculcate during this camp, values that will guide them to be model citizens of our society.

Well-wishers of the trust and those supporting the growth of our glorious Vedic heritage are requested to support this noble cause. The trust needs this support to continue mentoring our children with the right values.

Interested adiyars can register through email and for further details contact our volunteers (Anirudh – 9047674222, Sriram – 8526127997, Raghavan – 9790212844).


  1. Swamy The Sreemaan trust seva is very much essential for the present hard days of Kaliyugam because our young boys and girls have no knowledge or doesnot care to observe or listen to elders on our rituals and practice.We fear what will be the fate of our great sampradayam in the coming days.There is only elderly people are seen in kalakshepams no trace of young boys or girls.There dress code is nauseating.We have to pray for Acharyans krupa and Bhagavans grace. Friday.21Dec.2012 Dasan


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