Saligrama Mahimai – (Sacred facts about Saligrama – 01)



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Starting from today will share facts about the ‘Glories of Salagrama’in English.

Please note these are originally posted by Shri Murali Battar who is Archakar @ Srirangam Temple and with the help of Shri Raja Desikan, its explained in english also. I am just sharing the information to the bhakthas part of this group.Kindly revert for clarifications.
Sri Sri KrishnaBremi Swami has also given some elaborate and rare information about this subject in his SriBhagavatha Dharma Sastra. We will also cover some aspects from the same. 

Generally it is said that Women  are not suppose to perform Pooja for Saligrama Perumal

Evil Spirits wont prevail in the area where Saligrama Perumal Pooja is carried out.
House where Saligrama Pooja is performed is considered as Thapovan (Sacred Garden), Puniya Theertha (Sacred Water). It is of sure that the LORD is residing in the House.
On the Contrary, where Saligrama Pooja is not performed the house is unsanctified.
– Brahan NAraTHEEyam samhitha .

Saligrama is nothing but the shell of a Divine Insect. This Insect can be spotted in Kandagi River(Nepal). It intakes only Thulasi as its food.

Similarly, at Dwaraka River, a Thickly Densed , white colored material is seen. This is called as ChakraSila or Dwaraka Saligramam which is         also divine and Sacred.

Padhma Purnam has some rare facts about Saligrama.. Let us see those..

1) Those who worship ChakraSila / Saligrama will not be born again.

2) Dwaraka Sila and Saligrama will clear One’s Sin for the past 100 Births

3) One person who worship Saligrama and takes the Theertha Prasada, though has committed Thousand sins, will get rid all of them.
Saligrama worship is capable of get rid of Bharmahathi Sapa.

4) Puniya Theethas will get collected within 100 Yojana (Nearly 100 Ft) from the house where Saligrama Pooja is performed.

5) Saligrama worship and offerings made is manifested 100 times more than Kasi Kshetra. The House is also considered more Sacred than Kasi Kshetra.

6) Worshipping Saligrama, having saligrama Theertha is considered equivalent to performing Million Yagas! Million Cow Dhanas(Offerings). It is also sure that the person who worship Saligrama will not have rebirth.

….. to be continued

Courtesy – Saranya Vs



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