Sri Gopala Vimsati – 21

Dolai Kannan in Thirumanajana Kolam - Ahobila Matam
Dolai Kannan in Thirumanajana Kolam - Ahobila Matam

This stotram has been created by the poet Venkatesa, who does not consider any God other than Gopala/Naraayana. Those who read and recite this eulogy will have the blessings of the Darsanam of the God of incomparable beauty, VeNugOpAlan, who was the keen object of desire of the youthful Gopis.


Swamy Desikan was propelled by his deep devotion to visualize Baala GopAlan and His kreetais on the banks of Yamuna and BrundhAvanam. He composed this Sri Sookthi under the pull of this Aanandha anubhavam (BhavanA prakarsham). Swamy Desikan points out that those who recite this SthOthram will be able to visualize the Lord dear to the Yuvathis (VeNugOpAlan) in His enchanting form even without the benefit of any bhAvanA prakarsham. Swamy Desikan states that he composed (constructed) this sthOthram in a unique manner — the poetry, the diction, the informing events were all granted to him by Raaja VeNugOpAlan. Swamy informs us that the slOkams arose from him out of the intensity of the emotional experience associated with the enjoyment of the bliss of visualizing GopAlan enacting these events on the banks of YamunA and BrundhAvanam. Swamy Desikan assures us that we will visualize the Lord and His delectable chEshtais even without the emotional fervor and investment. Swamy pays tribute to this eternal Youth and matchless God.

kavitaarkika siMhaaya kalyaaNaguNashaaline
shriimate veN^kaTeshaaya vedaantagurave namaH

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